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Not ideal for large groups: Restaurant Chicago Meatpackers (14. April 2016)

| June 10, 2016 | 0 Comments

A couple of months ago I have already been at the Meatpackers restaurant and I liked the burger quite a lot. However, the place is good if there are no large groups. This evening we were a group of approximately 35 people – and that is too much for the waiters, respectively the kitchen.

Even when the group was five people it took them quite some time to bring the “Moscow Mule” (EUR 7.00) and funnily enough, it was not brought by the same person who had taken the order but a different one – creating confusion about who had ordered what. Which confused me a bit as a concept: I mean, why not just bring it yourself (instead of serving the next table) because there is clearly no benefit from such an approach.

Once the order for the large table was placed, the “nachos” were served rather quickly so one could already dig in. And while nachos are generally nothing special, these are actually fine as the cheese which is used to make them au gratin is actually real cheese and not this creamy weird cheese sauce you often get in cinemas.


The “chili cheese fries; American fries” (EUR 5.40) were rich and heavy but if you order nachos and fries, it is a bit too similar, so I would suggest you (also; a learning for myself) to order another starter instead of nachos and fries.


This place really is into fries – I mean, okay, I ordered the fries as a starter so my bad but when I had ordered the “spare ribs, 500gr, half a kilo of BBQ spare ribs served with cole slaw, corn on the cob and American fries” (EUR 14.90) I did not expect that the amount of fries was going to be basically the same as for the starter. However, the spare ribs are absolutely great – juicy meat which comes off the bone easily!


The place is generally fine from an atmosphere point of view – nothing to complain here. It is a typical American style restaurant and it does sell this pretty well. The only downside is the large group – as the service does not keep up with it – unfortunately. I can still recommend it food-wise though. It is not Michelin-starred cuisine but you get really good hearty and heavy dishes for a very fair price.


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Restaurant Meatpackers

Untermainanlage 8

60329 Frankfurt am Main (DE)

Tel.: +49 69 231 659

Homepage: http://www.chicago-meatpackers.com

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