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Restaurant Gusto @ The Westin Leipzig (21. April 2016)

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I was not aware that The Westin Leipzig actually hosts a Gault Millau restaurant on its top floor (the 27th floor) called Falco but when I tried to get a table that night, I was informed that there was an exclusive company event not open to the public. Given that, I decided to give the Restaurant Gusto located on the ground floor a chance and it started pleasantly. A small selection of different butters (“butter with chili and bell pepper”, “herb butter with garden herbs” and “café de Paris”) was offered with some different breads – which were unfortunately not explained to me.


Sometimes the good things are in their simplicity – so I decided to try the “clear oxtail soup with its own raviolo and lovage espuma” (EUR 9.00). While it looked very promising and was also served in an appealing way (first everything which is in the soup and only after the broth was served) it was rather blunt in taste. The broth lacked aroma, the raviolo on the other hand almost overdid it. While optically great it was not balanced enough for me.


The kitchen was apparently celebrating 35 years or something. So I decided to go for their special, the “potpourri 35 from Leipzig; a 35 hours sous vide cooked veal filet with young vegetables, morels, crawfish, shell fish espuma and port jus” (EUR 29.00). I actually liked the combination offered. The flavours were quite strong though – definitely nothing for people with an oversensitive palate to condiments. However, the veal filet was tender and easy to take apart and the veal cheeks you can see in the middle basically came apart once you would touch them with your fork – lovely. Talking about optical and overload, I think the dish would have benefited (at least optically) if the plate would have been a tiny bit less full and it would not have been several layers of vegetables, crawfish, veal, sauce but the elements a tiny bit more separated.


The place is rather small to my impression – especially compared to the third restaurant they have, the restaurant Brühl. However, as it is located somewhere between the first and second floor and, therefore, somewhere in the middle, it remains rather small and private (which is nice) but it is not very vivid there. The waitress – who was alone this evening as in both other restaurants (the Falco and the Brühl) private events were taking place – could obviously not be everywhere all the time because there were still 5 tables occupied (including mine) but she was friendly, patient, and cared. I have seen restaurants which had way more waiters but they still did not manage to refill my glass of water when it was close to being empty.

So, when you stay at The Westin Leipzig, I can definitely recommend you to have a dinner there – especially as you get 20% off everything as an SPG member.


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Restaurant Gusto @ The Westin Leipzig

Gerberstraße 15

04105 Leipzig (DE)

Tel.: +49 341 98 80

Fax: +49 34 19 88 12 29

E-Mail: info@westin-leipzig.com

Homepage: http://www.westin-leipzig.de/restaurant-gusto/

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