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Enjoying life the Greek way: Restaurant Exedra (16. July 2016)

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After a “hard day” at the beach, you are definitely in for some good Greek food. Given I was with basically locals on the island, I let them chose the dishes and we started with “Vlika” (or something like that) which tastes a bit like spinach but not really either. But quite good overall. Secondly, the “Greek salad” was fine – definitely nothing outstanding but good in its simplicity.


When you get Tzatziki in central Europe you always get served something quite watery with cucumbers and a very lot of garlic. Now, Tzatziki in Greece works a bit differently – it is more like a spread. Still with a bit of garlic and cucumbers but definitely not as watery as you get it in central Europe.


The “octopus” which was served as a starter was actually great – it was aromatic but simple and super tender on the other hand. Definitely recommendable!


As yet another dish to kind of satisfy my hunger, I went for the “fried shrimp with cocktail sauce” and while they looked amazing when they were served at the table next to ours, it was actually only soso.


The “French fries” – well, they go well with the Tzatziki but not something you have to order.


What I liked a lot was the main course – the “sea bream” was prepared in whole and then served at the table the same way. The fish was perfectly grilled as the fish was still slightly juicy but had the perfect crispiness and they managed to season it great!


For dessert, melons seem to be the “thing of the island”. The first day it was “watermelon and honey melon” and while I liked the watermelon a lot, I was very disappointed by the honey melon.


When it comes to the location I am a bit biased. As the restaurant is located right next to the street you will have a whole lot of motorcycles running by which are super noisy and, therefore, respectively annoying. However, when it comes to the fact that the restaurant is basically built right at the sea shore in the old harbour, it is absolutely amazign to sit outside and watch the sunset.


Overall, I liked the experience as I got to try some things I have actually never tried before (like “Vlika”). In addition, the sea bream was great. However, the other dishes are average. The service varies strongly depending on the waiter – while some are attentive and friendly, others really have room for improvement!


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Restaurant Exedra

Apostolis Pippis, Kounoupitsa

18050 Spetses (GR)

Tel.: +30 22 98 07 34 97

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