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Tasteless, literally! When your food tastes like water: Restaurant Blue Mustard (21. July 2016)

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The “Blue Mustard” opened not too long ago in Vienna so a dear friend living in Vienna suggested to pay the restaurant a visit, so we did. We decided for the “four courses Carte Blanche Menu” (EUR 62.00) which basically means that they surprise you with whatever they serve. Well, you will be surprised. The first course looked lovely – but it was just tomatoes. Tomatoes only. And they all tasted the same. Like nothing. Absolutely “taste-less” (in the literal sense of the word).


The second course was definitely better was the soup was aromatic but again, as soon as you would take a bit of the fish, it was again, dull. But the soup was delicious.


I had sooo much hope for the next course as it did look delicious – like all courses so far. The egg yolk was great and there was some aroma to the dish but again it lacked seasoning. Like, it did not taste like anything really. Especially the prawns were again “taste-less”.


Dessert looked lovely and the lavender ice cream was actually outstanding and the fake apricot was also quite interesting. The little cakes however, were not entirely to my liking.


So, to sum it up, the dishes all looked amazing but not a single one of the dishes was able to live up to the expectations the look gave away. My personal high-light was the douchy waiter though – between the first and second course we were already waiting 30 minutes when I talked to the waiter if he could check for the food he answered snappy: “It needs time to prepare the dishes ‘on this niveau'” plus it was only 15 minutes! Ready to turn away, I stopped him and told him that it was 30 minutes and I got timestamp proof on my pictures. Not commenting much he left and then after a short time, the dishes showed up. Not that they were satisfactory in any way but the way the waiter replied with an attitude so big that he almost had to slouch a bit in the tall rooms was really a disappointment. Luckily, after me asking, his colleague took over and was actually friendly and helpful (and the dishes started coming quicker).

To sum it up – really don’t go! The food looks great, the atmosphere is nice but the waiters don’t do their job properly and the food looks amazing but tastes very average, respectively even below average (i.e. like nothing).


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Restaurant Blue Mustard

Dorotheergasse 6-8

1010 Vienna (AT)

Tel.: +43 19 34 67 05

E-Mail: reservierung@bluemustard.at

Homepage: http://www.bluemustard.at

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