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Great spot by the river: Компот Подол (23. July 2016)

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Right next to the Dnjepr river in Kiev, the Restaurant Kompot is located – a nice little restaurant with a great view onto the river and the city’s river beach. And while it is absolutely great to sit out there and enjoy the sun, you will also have more than enough time to do this. While the waiter was incredibly friendly but it took like forever until anything was served. So, if you have enough time at hand and can be patient, the Kompot is great. For a quick stop for food or drinks, it is not recommendable though.

However, the local dishes like “dumplings with beef and pork, 300gr” (86 UAH) are simple but lovely – especially in combination with the sour cream. Make sure though, you order it together with the original order as else it will take hours again until you get it.


The “forshmak” (76 UAH) which is some kind of fish spread with rye bread is surprisingly good. It is not something you would be able to eat too much of but it is definitely pleasant to try.


The “boiled buckwheat with butter” (25 UAH) is usually something I like quite a lot. But frankly, this time it was somehow just to dry and without the sour cream and some salt, it would not have been too enjoyable.


The “spinach pancakes” – again very different pancakes compared to what I am used to – were refreshing and intense at the same time. My absolutely favorite though …


… the “Compote 1L (apple + strawberry)” drink (82 UAH) which is kind of a big pot with fruit inside. Refreshing, nice but somehow very sweet (so good to combine with some water).



Overall, the Kompot is definitely a nice place to visit and relax – given you are very patient and have a lot of time at hand. The dishes are nice, very fair in price and the location is great. However, if you are in a rush – wrong place to visit!


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Компот Подол

Borychiv Descent 12

04070 Kiev (UA)

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