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Good dishes, good service, lovely atmosphere: Restaurant Münsters (26. August 2016)

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The evening started with “cucumber cream cheese and bread” which was a refreshing start into the evening and definitely something you would not easily get enough of.


There was no “tasting menu” available so I had to compose my own tasting menu which started with a greeting from the kitchen – a “noodle salad with veal ragout on a milk basis”. The ragout was perfectly smooth and rich in flavour.


As a first course of the menu, I decided to go for the “porcini cream soup with slices of duck breast” (EUR 8.00). The soup had an intense taste of porcini but in a very pleasant way and had a certain thickness which made it even better. The slices of duck breast did the rest to make it a complete dish. As the whole menu is not prepared for a “tasting menu”, the portions were generally a bit too large for my personal gusto.


The second course was “tuna sashimi with ginger cream, spicy cucumber relish and sesame stone” (EUR 14.00). The combination of the cucumber relish with the sesame stone and the ginger cream – plus the fatty and rich tuna made it a great dish. Again, the portion is very generous but it is absolutely good. Even the salad which was served with the sashimi was delicious.


The third course that night was the “Foie Gras de canard with birch chutney and cranberry brioche” (EUR 14.00) and while the foie gras was great as it was creamy, smooth, fatty, and did not have any strings (which you have way too often), there was a bit too much “on the side” for my personal gusto but the combination with the selected sweet wine actually worked great. Here I have to give a small shout out to the waiter as he did a marvelous job. Not only being friendly and available at all times but he also managed to create a “wine pairing” although there was no such thing on the menu. You were able to feel the passion and happiness which surrounded him when doing his job which is something you do not encounter often – and it makes your experience as a guest so much more pleasant.


The main course was “liver from Tyrolean veal with port apples, roasted onions, and potato parsley puree” (EUR 21.00). The liver was cooked perfectly made a perfect couple with the potato parsley puree. While a bit of roasted onion is lovely with liver – it was definitely too generously applied this time for my personal gusto.


I originally wanted to go for the cheese platter but then decided to skip it as the “menu” I had composed myself which consisted of full plates (no reduction despite the fact that I had that many courses) was just too much to be able to enjoy a dessert thereafter.

The Münsters has a lovely garden where you get to sit outside – simple in how it is set up but it is definitely comfortable to sit there on a hot summer day. The prices are absolutely fair which is also true for beverages (most glasses of wine ~EUR 7.00; 0,75l water, EUR 4.00; double espresso EUR 2.50). The only thing which was a bit of a disappointment was the fact that the quality of the service varied quite a lot depending on who our waiter was. While our main responsible did an outstanding job, as described above, the other waiter kind of only dumped the plates on the table with the words “your next course”. Well, not really how I would service expected to be. Luckily, it was mostly the other waiter who attended us.

Overall, I can recommend the Münsters to you – great dishes, incredibly fair prices, atmospheric, and – depending on the individual – great service! What I personally consider a pity is the fact that they are not having any tasting menus or wine pairing. Our waiter “made the wine pairing happen” but given it is a restaurant with a higher standard, it should offer a tasting menu.


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Restaurant Münsters

Platnerstrasse 11-13

04155 Leipzig (DE)

Tel.: +49 341 590 63 09

Fax: -49 341 590 63 15

E-Mail: info@münsters.com

Homepage: http://www.münsters.com

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