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Great Italian lunch: Restaurant Convivium (10. September 2016)

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If you want to have late lunch it is not always that easy to find something where you can still get a proper meal around 2pm. Luckily, we encountered a place where this was still possible. The restaurant was very welcoming and seated us at a nice table. Shortly after being seated we received a lovely basked of bread to kill our immediate hunger (cover charge, EUR 3.00 per person).


We then decided to have a couple of hams (EUR 11.00) to get started …


… so we would not starve before the actual dishes were served. The good thing was that the food was brought to the table within minutes after placing our order.




As a primo piatto, I went again for “Paccheri” but this time “alla Vesuviana” (EUR 12.00) and luckily the portion was not as big as the night before but it was still quite portion. And again, the pasta was perfectly al dente and the sauce was rich.


I had ordered the “Tagliata di Manzo al Rosmarino e Pepe Nero” (EUR 18.00) as a main course and there, a small faux-pas happened to the waiter. The tagliata was brought to my table before my primo piatto. And upon asking him if I was not first supposed to get a primo, he took the plate away, apologized, and served the primo. But (!) I am almost a 100% sure that the dish was not prepared again but just kind of put away to keep it warm to be then served once I was done with the pasta. I mean, I get it, one does not throw away food and I am definitely not supporting that but I would expect for you, the waiter and the kitchen, to realize what has to be served when.

The tagliata was rich and flavourful though – especially given the meat was rather fatty and, therefore, really tickling ones taste buds.


The atmosphere of the restaurant is lovely – modern design, comfortable chairs, spacious, and just somewhat lovely. The waiter was very dedicated and did an outstanding job (besides the mistake with the order of the primo and the tagliata). The prices for the dishes are absolutely fair and the same applies to the beverages, i.e. a bottle of “Pinot Grigio” accounts for EUR 24.00, a 0,5L bottle of water for EUR 3.50.

Overall, I can recommend the Restaurant Convivium as they offer a great selection of different dishes which were all very flavourful, fair in price and you get to enjoy them in a nice atmosphere with an attentive, dedicated, and friendly waiter.


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Restaurant Convivium

Via Ponte Vetero 21

20121 Milano (IT)

Tel.: +39 02 86 46 37 08

E-Mail #1: info@conviviumristorante.it

E-Mail #2: convivium1986@gmail.com

Homepage: http://www.conviviumristorante.it

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