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When the peak is reached with the first course: Restaurant RIJKS (14. October 2016)

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The RIJKS is located in the Rijksmuseum, respectively right next to it. It is recommended to book a table way in advance as the place is very crowded in the evening – and even if you book the table for 9pm (as we did), you would still end up waiting at the bar until your table is actually free. Once seated, you are served quite rapidly with the menu and after you’ve made your choice – we went for the “Tasting Menu” (EUR 67.50) with a “wine pairing” (EUR 40.00) which started with two amuse bouches – “raisin balls with dutch cheese” which were a nice start to activate your palate.


The “fried kale leaves with tempura batter”, the second amuse bouche, were nicely crunchy and rich in taste.


The first course of the evening was “puffed red beetroot (smoked vinaigrette – sorrel – dashi butter)” and while it looked extremely simple it was actually an outstanding dish. The beetroot was aromatic but in combination with the slightly sour taste of the sorrel and the intense creaminess of the dashi butter, the dish tasted truly heavenly.


After the explosive starter, the “crayfish tail (wasabi, Thai vinaigrette, rice flakes)” did not entirely live up to my expectations. The crayfish was tasty, the vinaigrette was good, and the rice flakes added an interesting element to the dish – however, after the taste explosion before, it was just somehow disappointing!


Next in line were the “cepes (fungus creme, lavage, brioche)”. It had a very aromatic taste of mushrooms but I was super lucky to not lose one of my teeth …


… given there was a huge stone in my cepes. I mean, I get it when there is some sand and small stones left because it is admittedly difficult sometimes to clean the mushrooms properly, but a stone of this size should definitely NOT (!!!) be in your dish!


Originally, they had “roasted duck breast (pumpkin, hazelnut, pearl barley)” on the menu but suggested to replace it with a “pigeon dish” which was apparently the specialty of the chef. Frankly, if that is the specialty then I do not want to try the “non-specialties”. While the dish looked outstanding, the pigeon did not taste that way at all. Basically, the bird really had this intense, strong taste of pigeon which everything else but lovely!


After the main course, a Dutch dessert was offered, “Boeren Goudse “opleg” cheese (apple, sourdough bread, capers)” which was – well, interesting! The dish is definitely very simple but it was just really not tasty. The Dutch cheese was definitely way too intense.


Luckily, the “Banoffee (peanut, banana, salted caramel)” was a good ending to the dinner which kind of makes you walk out there with a positive impression but to be entirely honest, I was a bit disappointed. The first course was outstanding and raised my expectations for the upcoming dishes but they were not achieved at all – I was actually quite disappointed most of the time!


What is great though about the restaurant is the restaurant itself – outstanding atmosphere, lovely interior, and the waiters also do quite a good job being friendly, supportive, jovial, funny, and remaining professionals at the same time. The same is true for the prices as they are actually quite okay – including the once for the beverages (i.e. double espresso, EUR 4.75; 0,75L Earth Bruis Mineral water, EUR 6.50).


While waiting at the bar for our table, I went for a “Mokum Mule” (EUR 13.00) which seems to be some kind of Moscow Mule. It was actually quite good and the atmosphere at the bar is really kind of outstanding!

Overall, the RIJKS is worth a travel due to the overall experience – and you should definitely have the first starter with the Dashi butter. But in terms of actual dishes, I would not come here again.


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Restaurant RIJKS

Museumstraat 2

1070 DN Amsterdam (NL)

Tel.: +31 20 67 47 555

E-Mail: reserveren@rijksrestaurant.nl

Homepage: http://www.rijksrestaurant.nl

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