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Amazing industrial chic: Restaurant Hotel de Goudfazant (15. October 2016)

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Sometimes you find real hidden gems in locations you would never go to if nobody pointed you in exactly that direction. The Hotel de Goudfazant is such a case! It is located in a former factory which still has its industrial chic and it is located on the other side of the channel which divides the city in two, in Amsterdam Noord.

Once you arrive there and have found the restaurant, you enter a tremendously big dining hall with a small bar in front of it. Perfect place to wait for the group to complete with some “Butcher’s Tears, 0,33l” (EUR 4.50) which was surprisingly strong.


One thing which struck me as a bit odd was the fact that they actually do not have an English menu and when listening to the tables adjacent to ours, you wouldn’t hear anybody speak English (or any other foreign language but Dutch). Luckily, we had a Dutch with us and she was able to translate. I went for the “Sneeuwkrab met cocktailsaus” (EUR 8.50) which translates to “snow crab with cocktail sauce” and while it was a bit messy, it was absolutely delicious. There was one thing to complain about though – four of us had the snow crab and some got quite a bit less than others.


As a main course I went for the “Hertenbiefstuck met worst, rode kool, parelgort en jeneverbessaus” (EUR 18.50) which kind of translates to “venison beef with sausage, red cabbage, pearl barley, and juniper sauce”. The meat and the sausage were both tasty and perfectly cooked to my liking. However, they did not match the deliciousness of the snow crab.


Given, it took quite a while in the very beginning for them to bring the menu and to take the order, it was crucial that there was a never ending stock of bread and butter.


I absolutely loved the atmosphere of the place as it was very vivid on one hand but also chic on the other – and while the crowd was super diverse, it was actually a comfortable combination of people.


The waiters are not really trained professionals (at least the majority is not) so sometimes it takes quite a bit until the order is taken or executed. Especially, after the initial orders have been placed, re-ordering wine or water always took quite a bit of time.


The place offers not only good food in an outstanding atmosphere, but it is also rather cheap for what you get. Which is also true for the beverages (e.g. House Wine, EUR 19.50; double espresso, EUR 3.20; Grappa di Barolo, EUR 8.00).

I can absolutely recommend you to pay a visit to the Hotel de Goudfazant while making sure you have a reservation because the drive is too long and the place is too remote for taking the risk to showing up there and then not having a table.


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Restaurant Hotel de Goudfazant

Aambeeldstraat 10 H

1021 KB Amsterdam (NL)

Tel.: +31 20 636 51 70

Homepage: http://www.hoteldegoudfazant.nl

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