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Lovely pintxos bar in central Barcelona: Restaurant El Pintxo De Petritxol (5. December 2016)

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For once I have had nothing planned for lunch so I decided last minute to pay the El Pintxo de Petritxol a visit as it was ranked good on Google Maps and the memory of Pintxos in Bilbao a couple of years ago definitely made me look forward. Once you find the place (a bit hidden in a side street), you can sit by the bar where you get an empty plate and can pick from a variety of different cold pintxos (each EUR 1.95).


While some are exquisite, some are rather dull, i.e. nothing special but then again I assume the selection is there to serve everyone’s needs.



Just make sure you keep the plate and the sticks on the plate because that is how the final price is calculated as they count the final number of sticks on your plate.


If you feel like, you can also order ‘hot pintxos’ with the waitress. I went for “Croqueta de Jamon (Ham Croquette)” (EUR 1.95), “Txistorra de Navarra (Txistorra)” (EUR 1.95), “Morcilla (Blood Sausage)” (EUR 1.95), “Foie a la Plancha (grilled liver)” (EUR 2.45), and “Arantxa (Prawn, Bacon, and mushroom)” (EUR 2.95).

While the pintxos were absolutely good, for me they lacked a bit in special flavour. I mean, all of it was good – but somehow it was just lacking the surprise factor. Very sound pintxos but nothing out of the ordinary. Additionally, and that is a general pintxo thing, if you eat a couple of them, you end up eating a whole bread by yourself! So I started to leave the bread in the end as else I would be too stuffed.


The “Bacalao de mi suegra (fried salt cold)” (EUR 2.45) was definitely tricky to eat, given you eat everything by hand but it was tasty. Unfortunately, they did not have the original bacalao I had ordered (which I was only informed about approximately 30 minutes after I had placed my order).


While I thought the “Huevos estrellados con Jamon (Broken eggs with iberian ham)” (EUR 1.95) were the easiest dish to prepare, it took ages until it came, respectively when I had asked where it remains, I was informed that it was brought to the wrong table accidentally. I mean, this can happen but it is kind of unpleasant.


However, despite not the fact that not everything worked out perfectly, the head waitress was very friendly and offers you a “Hierbas” before you leave.


The atmosphere of the little place is absolutely lovely and decorated with a lot of attention to detail …


… and the menu for the hot pintxos is hand-written. Overall, the place is atmospheric and also frequented by locals and not too many tourists.


If you have never had pintxos, you should definitely try the pintxos experience and the ‘El Pintxo De Petritxol’ is a good way of doing so. It is not the best pintxos I have had but they do the trick.


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Restaurant El Pintxo De Petritxol

Calle Petritxol 9

08002 Barcelona (ES)

Tel.: +34 (930) 169 866

E-Mail: elpintxodepetritxol@gmail.com

E-Mail: info@elpintxodepetritxol.com

Homepage: http://www.elpintxodepetritxol.com

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