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Below average Belgian food: Restaurant L’Esprit de Sel Brasserie (18. December 2016)

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The restaurant was recommended to me so I decided to give it a try – but frankly speaking, it was quite a disappointment. I went for the “monthly menu” (EUR 34.00) which started with a “lobster bisque with Irish whiskey”. The bisque was too watery and tasted like sea much more than actual lobster. At least, it was served relatively quickly.

The waiter was on the one hand side very friendly and helpful but on the other side very hasty. Like as if there was no tomorrow – he served the “Paul Lorent ‘Blanc de Blanc Brut'” (EUR 35.00) in a way so half of the brut spilled. The “Rossini tournedos, mushrooms, gratin” was definitely better than the bisque but the meat was not of the consistency I would have wanted it but it was decent and the mushroom sauce was fine. The additional “chips” as a side dish (EUR 2.50) were somehow unnecessary as the portion was definitely big enough but the chips didn’t taste like anything but potatoes.

The restaurant atmosphere is definitely traditional but not too appealing and the service is too stressed. When we talk about the dishes, they are definitely nothing on the positive side – but then again for the price I guess you can’t expect too much. The prices for the beverages on the other hand are fair, i.e. “double espresso” (EUR 5.50 – also included in the ‘menu’) plus 0,5l sparkling water, EUR 5.50.

To sum it up – it might be a traditional Belgian place but it is not a place I would go to again.


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Restaurant L’Esprit de Sel Brasserie

Place Jourdan 52-54

1040 Brussels (BE)

Tel.: +32 22 30 60 40

E-Mail: info@espritdesel.be

Homepage: http://www.espritdesel.be

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