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Turkish food with a lot of attention to detail: Osman’s Töchter (5. January 2017)

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Usually, when you enter a place which serves Turkish food, it is crammed, hot, loud, kind of smokey because of the open grill. Not when you enter Osman’s Töchter (German for Osman’s daughters). The place is relatively spacious and not smokey or loud at all. Yeah, alive, definitely but you can still talk without yelling at each other.

They have quite an offer of different dishes so picking something wasn’t easy but I decided to go for “Humus” (EUR 2.50), “Avokado Haydari (avocado with pomegranate seeds in a creamy yogurt sauce)” (EUR 3.00), “Sigara böreği (dow rolls with a pumpkin goat cheese walnut stuffing)” (EUR 7.90) and “Karma Ezmesi (zucchini with carrots, bell pepper, dried tomatoes and almonds in a creamy yogurt sauce, seasoned to taste with sumak and Ćemen (fenugreek) and lemon)” (EUR 3.00). The dishes are delicious and a perfect start into the evening.

The meat selection is a bit smaller than in most Turkish places I’ve been but I found something nice, the “Pastırmalı Süt Dana (tenderly cooked veal, accompanied by mint and pastırma with eggplant tomato ragout and rosemary triplets)” (EUR 17.90). The dish reminded me of Saltimbocca and was fine. Nothing over the top but a sound dish and definitely less heavy than I had expected for a Turkish place.

The waitresses are friendly and attentive and do a great job. The prices are very decent for the dishes but also for the beverages (i.e. Sparkling Water, 0,75l, EUR 5.50; 2dl of “Kaya Kapadokia, 2012”, EUR 6.70). It is of key importance though to book a table in advance as it was busy the whole night and there was never an empty table.


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Restaurant Osman’s Töchter

Pappelallee 15

10437 Berlin (DE)

Tel.: +49 30 32 66 33 88

Cell: +49 172 274 46 62

E-Mail: info@osmanstoechter.de

Homepage: http://www.osmanstoechter.de

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