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When the food is better than expected: Restaurant Eppo @ Dorint Hotel Hamburg (9. February 2017)

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While I as rather skeptical about what would expect me, I must admit that – in the very end – I was positively surprised by the offer the Restaurant Eppo in the Dorint Hotel had to offer. For lunch we were served a salad with some apricot chutney which was unexpected but I definitely liked it.

As a main course, the “fish selection (aka pan fish) from Hamburg” was served with potatoes and some cucumbers. The cucumbers really added to the dish in the sense that it was nice and unexpected, however, the fish itself was a bit too dry for my personal gusto.

The “pistacchio créme brûléee with passion fruit ice cream” for dessert was surprisingly good. It was a bit a pity, the ice cream already had started melting when it was served. And while the créme brûlée crust was a bit to rough and not smoothed out, the taste of it was actually very good.

Dinner started with a “vitello tonato” with a piece of tuna on top. The dish was rich and definitely better than the main course for lunch …

… and it was even topped by tonight’s main. Not the sauce, but the sauce really added to the …

… “sliced T-bone steak, prepared sous-vide and served with a martini sauce and pommes pont neuf”. I mean, the fries were a bit too “nouvelle cuisine” for my personal gusto and it could have gladly been some more than just two but the meat was exquisite!

For dessert, a “semi-fluid chocolate cake with sour cream ice cream” was served. The chocolate cake was very good overall but the chocolate flavour was too overwhelming for me. The sour cream ice cream managed to give a good balance to the overall dessert.

Lunch the next day consisted of a buffet which was not only quite colorful but also quite good from a qualitative perspective. The selection of salads was good …

… as well as the offered small starters (e.g. vitello tonato, meat in aspic, …) …

… salmon …

… and a lovely selection of cheese. Placed a bit suboptimal as you could barely reach the cheese in the back but it was a good selection – they could have some blue cheeses if it was for me, but generally, definitely a good selection.

Also including a couple of chocolate based desserts …

… and obviously a selection of mains like rice, carrot-potato-mash as well as fish …

… carrots, potatoes, and meat …

… rounded off by a “carrot ginger cream soup” which was also quite delicious. Overall, the selection of dishes offered at the Restaurant Eppo is one of the better selections I have experienced in a seminar hotel.

What was not entirely satisfying was the service as you would have to wait way too long for my personal gusto before someone would finally come and serve you. Which was also true for the waiting time between the courses – if we would have not told them that we had to stick to a schedule we’d probably still sit there. However, overall, as a seminar hotel with catering, the Restaurant Eppo in the Dorint Hotel Hamburg can be recommended.


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Contact Details:

Restaurant Eppo @ Dorint Hotel Hamburg

Martinistrasse 72

20251 Hamburg (DE)

Tel.: +49 40 570 15 00

Fax: +49 40 57 01 50 100

E-Mail: info.hamburg@dorint.com

Homepage: https://hotel-hamburg-eppendorf.dorint.com/de/restaurants/

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