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Nice finding in a non-touristic area – French speaking only: Restaurant Le Millésime (18. February 2017)

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The Le Millésime is not really a place you would randomly walk into as a tourist as it is not really located in any ‘touristy’ area. However, thanks to TripAdvisor I got aware of the restaurant and booked a table in advance. Highly recommended to do so, especially, given that the restaurant was full this evening. The evening started with an amuse bouche with a “toasted bread with olive spread and some truffled soup”. It didn’t smell that nice (as truffled things often smell like sweaty feet – at least to me) but it was quite delicious to eat.

I went for the “tasting menu” (EUR 55.00) which started with “cream of purple carrots, foam with orange” which looked quite interesting. But the foam on top was too sweet. It kind of robbed the soup of its original basic carroty taste and just left a note of sweetness in your mouth. Which made it more of a dessert than a starter. Secondly, you would only taste the actual taste of the soup at the very end when all the foam was gone. Interesting yes, optimal to start, no.

Secondly, they served a “foie gras South West with warm mango chutney, pineapple Madagascar, candied”. The foie gras was okay but nothing outstanding – however, in combination with the warm, absolutely delicious mango chutney, it made for a good dish. And the sprouts and jam added to the overall taste experience! Definitely a can do.

However, the toasted bread served with the foie gras was rather limited in terms of taste (toasted too much), practicality (too crispy so it’d break apart after one bite) and it was too greasy.

I was a bit skeptical when I first saw the “quail’s pastilla, onions candied, almonds, fresh mint, sweet potatoes and wood mushrooms”. I mean, it looks nice, no question. But first I tried the ‘quail’s wing’ and it was way too dry. So, I was rather disappointed but decided to give the rest a try – and the pastilla, so this little dough bag which was stuffed with quail, was actually mouth-watering. Surprisingly enough, as I had not seen that coming after the rather dry quail’s wing.

My absolutely low light was the “Brie de Meaux with season truffle”. I mean, I get it, you’re lazy, you want to reuse things. Fine, but really? The only ‘new’ things in this dish were the cheese itself and the tomato. All the rest was already there in previous dishes. The jam. The spread on the cheese. The leaves. We’re in France – a cheese country. And all you can come up with is this?

However, Aurélien Nourry, the chef, compensated for it by ending the dinner with a “macaroon coconut and mangos” which was surrounded by dulce de leche. And it did not only look very nice with his initials on top but it also tasted absolutely delicious. So, definitely nothing to complain here.

Overall, the dishes are good – there is room for improvement but I would agree that it is sound, above average, and fair for the price (considering you would pay ~EUR 11.00 per course). The place itself is simple in its decoration, not bad but also not that appealing. The service is friendly, the waiter does a good job – but doesn’t or doesn’t seem to speak any English. Which is kind of weird – especially given that the restaurant among the top 20 restaurants on TripAdvisor in Nice. Well, France, you never cease to amaze me!

The prices are very fair for what you get – also with regards to the beverages (i..e 0,75L San Pellegrino, EUR 6.00; 0,75l Châteu Malbec, EUR 38.00; double espresso, EUR 3.20). To sum it up, I can recommend you to dine at the Le Millésime if you are into good food for a fair price and do not expect a miracle or so. However, make sure that you speak some French and that you book a table in advance.


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Restaurant Le Millésime

Rue Smolett 17

06300 Nice (F)

Tel.: +33 4 93 56 00 13

Homepage: http://www.restaurant-millesime.fr

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