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Interesting experience but not as top-notch as expected: Restaurant Höst (18. March 2017)

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When you are into good food with surprising elements in it, then I can definitely recommend you the Restaurant Höst and you should try “an evening at Höst” (895 DKK) which starts with a glass of “Crémant de Bourgogne” followed by a “five course menu” with the appropriate wine pairing as well as water and coffee and tea (all you want). The first course looks definitely interesting at first …

… but when the dried juniper is set on fire, it does not only look more impressive but it also develops a lovely smell so you are already in a positive mood ready for the evening. The amuse bouche is light, yet intense and opens your mind for the upcoming evening. The wine which is served with it and also goes with the first actual course, a “2015 Salt, Erste & Neue, Alto Adige, Italy” was quite fine – a bit too light for my personal gusto but fine.

While you are getting mentally ready, a tasty butter and an even better bread are served. It is difficult to hold back and not to eat but the bread is so luscious you want to just eat up the whole thing. Luckily, I managed to contain myself and have not more than a bite.

The first course is a “baked cod with lumpfish roe and Jerusalem artichoke” which looks a bit boring when served …

… but definitely wins not only in looks but also in taste when the Jerusalem artichoke is poured over it.

With the second course, which was “cured beef tatar with mushrooms, crispbread and malt” and my favourite course of the evening, a “2015, Terre Silvate, La Distesa di Corrado Dottori, Marche, Italy” was served. And frankly, it tasted like the wine was bad, like it had gone beyond the time you are able to enjoy it. Obviously, that’s unrealistic given it’s a 2015, but we gave it back and requested a new one – not our type of wine. Now, while I consider it lovely that it was offered to us to give back the wine if we don’t like it, I wonder why they pour the glass full if they have had the experience that most people don’t approve of the wine – unless, that is, if they want to get rid of it.

After the beef tatar there was a small soup served to ready your palate for the main courses – and it was a very aromatic and comforting soup indeed.

The first main was a “braised pork shank with fennel, yogurt and herbs”. While I liked the combination of the salted yogurt with the pork, I must admit that for my personal gusto the herbs started to be overwhelming. It was the third course in a row where you’d have herbs, dill, or cress on top of the dish. Yeah, it does look lovely and decorative but somehow it was a bit too much for me. The “2015, Albahra Garnacha Tintorera, Envinate, La Mancha, Spain” which was served with it was rather flat in your mouth but went fine with the pork.

My second favourite dish of the evening was the “beef sirloin from Grambogaard with cep mushrooms, beetroot and tarragon” served with a “2015, Cuvée Lais, Olivier Pithon, Cotes de Roussillon, France”. The beef was medium-rare, the sauce was intense and the beetroot topping did not only look nice but it was also a lovely note to the intense meaty taste of the beef.

Before the actual dessert was served, we were served a “pre-dessert” in salty yogurt which was a bit unusual but taste-wise fine.

The last official course of the menu was a “birch bark ice cream with herbal chocolate, pear and caramel” served with a “2015, Costat Darrer, Camin Larreya, Jurancon, France”. Although I am a big fan of caramel, there were too many crumbles for my taste. Sometimes less is more.

The friandises served were “filled with liquid licorice coated with white chocolate” and looked like tiny boobs. If you are a fan of licorice you will love it – if not, not!

What I liked a lot about the Höst is the fact that they were able to accommodate the special requests of one of our group (vegetarian option, no broccoli, no sugar for dessert) – plus, you have to reserve your menu in advance for the whole group (and we had booked the 3 course menu), the flexibility to ‘increase’ to the 5 course menu. In addition to that, the atmosphere of the Höst is quite nice – especially the large table in the cellar where you’re seated at in a larger group.

What I did not like so much was the varying quality of the service – while some episodes of the evening were close to flawless, others weren’t so much. Like not explaining what wine we were served or rushing towards to end – basically throwing us out at midnight. Now, sure, I get it, you have closing time but just not ‘attending properly’ towards the end so you can get rid of us is not the way to go about it.


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Restaurant Höst

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E-Mail: hoest@cofoco.dk

Homepage: http://hostvakst.dk

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