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Deliciously stuffed veal Cordon Bleu: Restaurant Lokal (22. March 2017)

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When I first entered the Lokal in the Lokremise I was taken a bit aback as it looks like a waiting hall of a train station but when you look towards the right side (when you enter), the interior is actually quite nice with lovely small tables and chairs, white tablecloths and it just looks really proper. You can help yourself for the “menu salad” (CHF 6.00) from the buffet which is quite a good bargain for CHF 6.00. Admittedly, the plate is rather small but the selection ranges from green leaf salads …

… to a variety of other salads including meat based salads which you do not find often.

As a main course I went for the “veal cordon blue, stuffed with ham and monastery cheese from St. Gallen, served with French fries” (CHF 34.00). The stuffing of the cordon bleu was exquisite – the cheese was creamy and delicious and the ham was perfectly cut in tiny pieces so it would mix perfectly with the cheese. Really like you want a cordon bleu to be stuffed. The fries on the other hand were rather boring.

The “green asparagus ragout” was a nice balance to the rather heavy cordon bleu with fries and surprisingly delicious. The prices are fair for what you get which is also true for the beverages although they are on Zurich level (e.g. “double espresso” for CHF 6.80; 0,3l Valser for CHF 5.00).

The service is friendly and swift and generally attentive. Even when it came to paying the bill – usually the weakest point in any restaurant I usually go to – the waiter was there within minutes. Overall, while not really ‘standard’, the Lokal is definitely a restaurant one can visit for lunch – good dishes, fair prices, interesting and nice atmosphere, and decent service.


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Restaurant Lokal

Grünbergstrasse 7

9004 St. Gallen (CH)

Tel.: +41 71 272 25 70

E-Mail: lokal@psg-gastro.ch

Homepage: http://www.lokremise.ch/lokal

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