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Delicious Mexican dishes – newly interpreted: Restaurant Alcalde (10. April 2017)

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Funny enough, I only recently learned in the app ‘Duolingo’ what Alcalde means – mayor! So, I had apparently booked a table at the ‘Restaurant Mayor’ which served ‘French cuisine’. Now, I was quite curious what was going to expect me and went for the “tiradito del dia con emulsión de aceituna, aguacate e hinojo rasurado con aceite de limón amarillo y cilantro” (185 MXN) which was lovely! It was incredibly light yet refined making it a really great dish!

What I did not know as it was not outlined in the menu, respectively only go to know later, was the fact that they have a tasting menu with either 4 or 7 courses. Frankly, I really don’t get it, you restaurants in Guadalajara – why (!!!) don’t you promote that? However, given, I was not aware, I went for my own chosen dish as a main and had a “lechón con mole negro, puré de morcilla y arroz apionabo” (330 MXN) which looked quite interesting with its black mole sauce but was actually absolutely delicious! And while at first I was a bit afraid that the suckling pig was going to be chewy or not so enjoyable, I was perfectly positively surprised when it basically dissembled in my mouth.

As a little ‘in between’ dish, we got served a “raspberry sorbet with salt and lemon balm” which was also quite interesting – especially the combination of the salt with the sweetness of the sorbet.

As a actual dessert, I went for the “parfait de saúco con mango deshidratado y helado de pimienta rosa” (95 MXN). And while the ‘pimienta rosa’ on the ice cream was rather decorative than taste-improving, the overall dish – especially the combination of the dis-hydrated mango with the fresh mango was outstanding!

To start dinner, I had gone for a “Sangre de Mezcal (Mezcal, concentrado de jamaica, sal de gusano)” (105 MXN). The drink itself was good and sweet – but I still don’t get the spicy ring on the glass. Why? I mean, it doesn’t add anything to the taste but makes your mouth spicy. I suppose it is a bit different if you are Mexican but if you’re not, there is nothing pleasant to it.

Once seated, the waiter – which was friendly and helpful throughout the entire dinner – brought some “pan Salado con sticky salty cream”. The cream was good but definitely at the upper limit of ‘sticky’ and ‘salty. Other than that, they did an outstanding job with one exception. It seems like they just re-did the menu as each time a dish was served, various waiters and waitresses showed up to the table to kind of look at it – a bit disturbing really.

Other than that, the place is quite nice, modern, spacious, and friendly. And when it comes to the quality of the dishes and the prices, I’d say they’re decent too – which is also true for the beverages (i.e. 0,65l Topo Chico Water, 58 MXN; double espresso, 44 MXN). Just make sure to book your table in advance as you won’t really score one if you don’t!


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Restaurant Alcalde

Avenida México 2903

Vallarta Norte

44690 Guadalajara (MX)

Tel.: +52 33 36 15 74 00

Homepage: http://www.alcalde.com.mx

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