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How to get your tummy full, Mexican style: Cantina El Amanecer Tapatio (13. April 2017)

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A Mexican cantina is a really interesting experience – something I have never tried before despite having been already three times to Mexico before. Now, the concept is rather simple – it is a huge room, like a canteen, you get a table (but you should book in advance if you’re a larger group), and you order what you want to drink. Obviously, the idea is that you order booze but as I didn’t feel like hard liquor, I went for a Corona (57 MXN). When seated, you are already served some “quesadillas” with different flavours but I only managed to try a regular one (i.e. with no additional stuffing) which were okay but different than usually, i.e. fried.

As always, you’d encounter a variety of sauces – and be aware, especially as a European, the red sauce is very spicy.

After you’ve ordered your drink, you are free to order your food – basically up to four plates and you get to pick from a long list of approximately 50 different dishes. As a first thing, I went for the “Huarache con Chorizo” which was quite fine at first – or at least until I found a hair in the middle of the tortilla.

Secondly, I went for a “Gordita” which was really nothing special, especially, given the gordita was basically all dried out – not really a pleasant way to have a gordita.

If you order a dessert (costs extra) it will be prepared at your table – which is a process of approximately 20 minutes. So you have to be patient. But, apparently, the dessert was quite fine. The place is simple, the food is simple, but the concept works – drink a lot, get some food with it, and well, there you go.

However, what I really do not understand is the fact that there is live music. I mean, I do understand why there is live music to entertain the people. However, what I don’t get is the fact that it is at a volume that you can definitely not talk to one another without basically yelling. The waiters were absolutely friendly and attentive – but it still didn’t entirely make up for the hair!

So, to sum it up, if it wasn’t for ‘the hair’, the experience would be great. I mean, you do not go there because of outstanding interior design, food, or anything really but the atmosphere and the experience. So, when you are in Mexico, it is definitely the right thing to do to visit a cantina!


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Cantina El Amanecer Tapatio

Calz. Obrero Mundial 714

Atenor Salas

03100 Ciudad de México MX)

Tel.: +52 55 67 98 16 52

Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/El-Amanecer-Tapatio-735669919844414/

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