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How the locals spend Easter – with delicious Mexican food: Restaurant Cabaña Juárez (14. April 2017)

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As a tourist you would probably never end up here – but you should. If you drive basically through the whole city and exit around Santa Fe and keep going towards Toluca, you will at some point encounter an area where along the highway there is one little house besides the next and all of them sell food. As a little excursus: I keep wondering how all these small and tiny places can survive of the food they sell – especially, given they don’t really charge anything.

So, of all these places, we went to the “Cabaña Juárez” and I decided to try things I haven’t tried before so I went for the “Taco Cecina Abodaba” (18 MXN) and a “Taco Chorizo Verde” (18 MXN) which were both absolutely delicious.

I also made a little mistake as I ordered a “Quesadilla de Moronitas” (15 MXN) without knowing what ‘Moronitas’ are. Well, it turns out it is kind of the stuff that emerges from a pig when you take of its skin and then scrap the things below the skin. I ate it, I tried it, but I don’t have to eat it again. It wasn’t tasting bad or anything but I guess it was just so ‘overcooked’ that it was basically just ‘crunchy stuff’ – and not the good kind.

As always, there are again “salsas” and this time – to my surprise – it wasn’t the case that the red was way spicier than the green but they were actually equally spicy! And both very spicy!

The place is incredibly simple there is nothing but a few chairs and tables and some plastic covers – the waitresses are friendly but not that attentive as when I had asked for a Coca Cola (18 MXN), it never showed up until I finally walked to the fridge myself and took it.

The kitchen is not really separated from the rest but is just part of the whole dining room. And there are two ladies taking care of all the dishes. And they also preparing delicious “Café de Olla” (15 MXN). Not really sure until today of what it is exactly made but apparently it is coffee as you know it – although it has a slight chocolate flavour.

For me, this was somewhat one of the highlights – extremely simple place with great food. I mean, don’t order the ‘Moronitas’ (but maybe I could have anticipated that as it spells like ‘moron’ ;-) ) but else, you should definitely go there and try one or various of these little places. Highly recommended! Important: Bring cash – they don’t take credit cards!


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Restaurant Cabaña Juárez

Carr. Toluca-México km37.5

52740 Ocoyoacac (MX)

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