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A restaurant by the road with amazing dishes: Restaurant Sprout (19. April 2017)

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When trying to find a gas station, I drove by the “Sprout” earlier the same day and frankly, it did not look too appealing from the outside – however, according to TripAdvisor it was ranked one of the best restaurants in Tamarindo (after La Bodega which I had tried for lunch) and, therefore, I decided to give it a try.

I went for the “Crispy Calamari (with harissa-lime dip)” (9.00 USD) as a starter and not only were the calamari crispy and juicy they were also not chewy – a treat you don’t find often enough in fried calamari. The ‘harissa-lime dip’ (an additional one costs 1.00 USD) was absolutely delicious and also goes well with other dishes.

As a main, I ordered the “smoked pork sliders (chipotle BBQ, lettuce, tomato, onion, jalapeño-cilantro aioli, mini sourdough buns)” (14.00 USD) served with “fresh cut yucca chips”. The sliders were absolutely delicious – the meat was just perfect, the seasoning great, and overall, just mouth-watering. The yucca chips on the other hand definitely needed that additional harissa-lime dip as without anything they are rather boring in taste.

The place itself is quite nicely furnished and you immediately feel comfortable – if it wasn’t for the fact that you are located right next to the main street so cars would pass by basically all the time which was at some point rather annoying as it was quite loud.

The waitresses generally do a good job – they are friendly and relatively swift. However, if you are expecting fast service, then this is definitely the wrong country to go as everything seems to go a bit slower in Costa Rica.

However, of the restaurants we’ve tried in Tamarindo, the Sprout is definitely among the ones you should try as the food is great, the place is nice, and the prices are very fair (even for Costa Rica). A jar of “green ice tea” accounts for 3.00 USD and you definitely have enough to drink (something which doesn’t happen too often when I order something). So, despite the location right next to the main road, the Sprout is a must visit when in Costa Rica.


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Restaurant Sprout

Provincia de Guanacaste 152

Villareal (CR)

Tel.: +506 26 53 23 74

E-Mail: info@glutenfreetamarindo.com

Homepage: http://glutenfreetamarindo.com/sprout/

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