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Lovely restaurant with surprisingly good dishes: Restaurant Le Garage (14. May 2017)

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I was wondering why the restaurant ‘Le Garage’ was called that way when I learned the next morning that the restaurant was originally started in a garage, it started to make sense. However, nowadays, it doesn’t look anything like a garage anymore. I went for the “Formula II Menu” (EUR 37.50) which is basically a starter and a main course. Once we were seated – which took a considerable while – some “bread and butter” was served which was good but rather standard.

The “lentil salad (with feta cheese, black olives and Savora mustard, proof that healthy and delicious can go hand in hand)” (usually EUR 15.00) was absolutely outstanding. The combination of flavours just made your palate tickle – I was truly surprised but in a positive way.

Next in line was the “steak tartare (prepared at your table, just the way you like it. Fumé, with smoked oil” (usually EUR 27.50). The ingredients were brought to your table and you could pick what you wanted in your beef tartare.

Before actually getting the beef tartare, you got a spoon to try if it was seasoned to your taste. And it was. The portion turned out to be quite a huge one and was absolutely fine in terms of taste. However, toast was missing and I only got it upon request. Not sure if it is usual to eat steak tartare in the Netherlands without any bread but for me it is clear that I absolutely need some toast with it.

The “French Fries with mustard dip” were truly amazing. Rich in flavour, seemed to be double-fried, and the mustard like dip was decent in terms of intensity and went perfectly with the fries.

One thing I did n0t entirely understand – they had served some piece of salad in a balsamico finalized with onions. It was good but it was somewhat out of place compared to the overall dish.

As a last course, as we couldn’t stomach a dessert anymore, we got some complimentary “white chocolates and madeleines with citrus sauce”. I didn’t get to try the madeleines but the white chocolates were absolutely luscious.

With regards to the service, I must admit that I was not entirely satisfied as the waitress was absolutely friendly but not really attentive – although we were ready for a long time, it took her like 10 minutes to notice us that we were ready to order. And only upon basically waving at her, she finally took our order. The prices are absolutely fair – for the menu as well as for the beverages, i.e. a bottle of water accounts for EUR 5.00, a bottle of “Barbera d’Alba” for EUR 49.50 and a double espresso for EUR 6.50. In any case, I can recommend you to dine at the Restaurant Le Garage – nice place, atmospheric, fair service, and quite great dishes!


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Restaurant Le Garage

Ruysdaelstraat 54-56

1071 XE Amsterdam

Tel.: +31 206 79 71 76

E-Mail: info@restaurantlegarage.nl

Homepage: http://www.restaurantlegarage.nl

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