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Huge buffet with quite a good selection and value for money: Restaurant Kitchen 12 @ Sheraton Grand Taipei (27. May 2017)

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After travelling basically for 24 hours you do not really care where you eat or what you eat but luckily the hotel I was staying at, the Sheraton Grand Taipei, had a restaurant on the ground floor which was open at 3:30pm (all others open at 6pm) called ‘Kitchen 12’. Well, I did not really expect much given it was rather large and it was basically a buffet but I was very positively surprised. They had a nice selection of fresh salads …

… as well as mixed salads …

… a variety of seafood salads …

… and even sushi (although the sushi did not really taste like much, so it is nothing I would necessarily recommend) …

… plus a variety of hot dishes of which I did not try all of them given we only had like 40 minutes before the buffet would close. But those I tried were quite decent.

I must admit that I felt like trying some of this huge piece of meat but somehow time was lacking …

… but at least the satay skewers were tasty …

… and they even have something like a live soup station which made quite a tasty noodle soup. Well, at least that is what I thought until I tried a really good noodle soup a couple of days later. Although the place is swarming with people, the cleaning service of the waiters (because that is basically their job) works impeccable. There is always someone there to take away your empty plate when you’re done – impressive. In terms of food quality, I do admit that I was absolutely positively surprised. I mean, it is no gourmet food, let’s not be fooled about that, but it is definitely way tastier than I had expected!


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Restaurant Kitchen 12 @ Sheraton Grand Taipei

Zhong Xiao East RoadSec 1 R.O.C.

100 12 Taipei City (TW)

Tel.: +88 62 23 21 55 11

E-Mail: fbreservation@sheratongrandetaipei.com.tw

Homepage: http://www.starwoodhotels.com

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