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A truly unique experience not to be repeated: Dai’s House of Stinky Tofu ‘戴記獨臭之家’ (31. May 2017)

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Stinky tofu is apparently quite ‘a thing’ in Taiwan so obviously I had to give it a try. Heads up: It is one of these things you have to tick off your bucket list but definitely not something I necessarily want to repeat again! Anyway, it is already rather tricky finding the place as the location which is described in various blogs online has already closed like 10 years ago so we ended up going to the wrong place at first but then finally found it. The guys in the shop don’t speak any English, therefore, we had to order by pointing at pictures and got the “Fried Stinky Tofu” (80 NTD) first. It was, let’s say, interesting. Not entirely bad but also not really something you want to eat again (at least I don’t).

Secondly, we ordered the “Raw Stinky Tofu” (80 NTD) and that was the big mistake. We should have started with the raw and ‘improve’ the taste with the fried stinky tofu. But the raw stinky tofu tastes like – at least I imagine – if you’re hiking in wet shoes for like two weeks without ever taking off your shoes and it was raining throughout the whole time. And then you lick these feet. But, ticked it off the bucket list – and definitely no need to try this again. In case you ever going to try stinky tofu, first take the raw one and then order the fried one. Way better plan than the other way round.

The place itself is tiny and there is absolutely no chance you would understand anything unless – obviously – you spoke Chinese.

Which also provided us with some difficulties to order drinks – given there were no pictures of beverages but only of the stinky tofu. Finally, we figured that some of the things were drinks and pointed at one. It was “Flower Tea” (30 NTD) as we later figured by asking a friend who speaks Chinese.

If you do not know how the place looks, it is rather difficult to find it – as it does not really look like a restaurant or something like that. But, to give you a hint, below is a picture of the place.

Overall, it was an interesting experience but not necessarily one I have to repeat!


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Dai’s House of Stinky Tofu ‘戴記獨臭之家’

No. 2號, Alley 3, Lane 120

Yongji Road

Xinyi District

110 Taipei City (TW)

Tel.: +886 2 27 49 27 37

Homepage: http://www.facebook.com/DaiStinkyTofuHouse

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