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When you keep ordering, confusing the waiters: Restaurant Whampoa Club (4. June 2017)

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The place was recommended to us as it was something which offered Chinese dishes but was also open around 4pm when most restaurants would be closed. While the concept at the restaurant is that everyone orders something and then all share we somehow – given we were incredibly hungry – decided to not really follow the concept and ordered like in a European restaurant with “starters” and “mains”. Now, the thing is, they don’t really follow the ‘order of orders’. Therefore, the first course was my ‘main’, the “sautéed beef cube with onion and black pepper sauce” (238 CNY) which was great in taste – the marinade was intense and you could strongly taste the black pepper. But in combination with the vegetables it was perfectly balanced!

Next in line were the “Siew Mai vegetable with black truffle dumpling” (48 CNY) and the “Xiao Long Bao Steamed Shanghainese Dumpling stuffed with pork” (4 pieces) (38 CNY) which were supposed to be my starters. The dumplings were great in taste.

While I thought it would be super interesting to try the “Shanghainese style oven-baked bacon pastry” (3 pieces) (38 CNY) it was rather dull. You didn’t taste much of the bacon and, therefore, it was rather disappointing.

The “Baked Curry Pork Puff Pastry” (3 pieces) (58 CNY) on the other hand was quite interesting in taste but the ratio between stuffing and dough wasn’t right – definitely too much dough.

My friend told me that ‘durian’ is apparently the thing as it is a stinky fruit which tastes delicious. I was a bit skeptical at first but as they had “Crispy Durian Pastry” (3 pieces) (58 CNY) on the menu, I decided to definitely give it a try. And I was positively surprised – I mean the thing was super hot given it was fried. But if you let it cool off a bit first, it tastes quite good and interesting.

The place itself is actually surprisingly beautiful. Why surprisingly? Well, I definitely didn’t expect to find such a gem at this height and the interior is super spacious and inviting.

If you manage to score a table by the window (ask for it when you book a table) you have a marvelous view onto the bund – which you should definitely take advantage of. The service is generally dedicated and friendly but somehow also not that attentive when you’re trying to order something, it seems at times like they are not paying attention.

Overall, while the Whampoa Club is definitely not on the cheap side, the selection of dishes is great and the food is actually delicious. The atmosphere is definitely a reason to come here – however, with regards to the service, there is some room for improvement. Looking at the price of the beverages (e.g. “Jasmine Pearl Green Tea”, 68 CNY or “Badoit 0,75l Sparkling Water” for 78 CNY) it is not exactly cheap. However, if you are in Shanghai you should definitely visit Whampoa club!


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Restaurant Whampoa Club

No. 3 The Bund

5th Floor

Zhongshan Dong Yi Road

200002 Shanghai (CN)

Tel.: +86 21 63 21 37 37

E-Mail: wclubreservations@on-the-bund.com

Homepage: http://www.threeonthebund.com

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