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A bar with a superb atmosphere: Scarfes Bar (18. June 2017)

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Sometimes random finds are the best! I did not plan to have drinks and I definitely didn’t plan to have them at Scarfes. But I just ended up there by chance – and I’m happy I did. I was seated and given I was the only one wearing shorts I was definitely underdressed but treated like everybody else. I got a nice table, where I ordered a “San Pellegrino, 0,5l” (GBP 5.50) and a “A Parrot’s Cure (Snow Queen Vodka, Italicus Bergamoto, Pandan and Passion Fruit, Kombutcha)” (GBP 17.00) which was quite steep in price but worth it as it was superb in taste.

And the attention to detail was just great – the lovely decoration the drink had (on its backside if you look at the first picture) just made it a tiny bit better.

Given I was a bit hungry, I decided to try the “The Mankad Burger Sliders (Ayrshire beef, tomato-cinnamon chutney, cheddar cheese)” (GBP 14.00) and they were great. Especially the tomato-cinnamon chutney was outstanding in combination with the aromatic beef. I’d say, bars are not the place to eat usually as you don’t have such a big selection but on the other hand they somehow – given they’re not officially focused on food – manage to prepare what they offer exquisitely. And the burger sliders were definitely exquisite.

The second drink I tried, the “The Waltz of the Snowflakes (Absolut Elyx vodka, Belsazar, white, tamarind and dates, raspberry and cold brew, coconut coffee)” (GBP 17.00) wasn’t bad either but the the coffee taste was definitely overwhelming compared to the rest of the flavours in the drink.

What I don’t like about British restaurants and bars is the automatic service charge of 12.5% (GBP 12.19). I mean, the service was great, so no complaints at all and happy to give the 12.5% but I think it’s just wrong to include service because tip – in my humble opinion – should only be given if the service was good or exceptional. Not if the service was bad (which it wasn’t here). On a further note, GBP 15.00 for 175ml of “Excelion Rioja Crianza” is also a bit steep.

However, if you are looking for a classy bar with good service, tasty drinks, and actually quite lovely burger sliders, then the Scarfes Bar in the Rosewood Hotel is definitely the place to go and be!


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Scarfes Bar

Rosewood London Hotel

252 High Holborn

WC1V 7EN London (UK)

Tel.: +44 20 77 81 88 88

E-Mail: info@scarfesbar.com

Homepage: http://scarfesbar.com

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