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Disappointing performance with weak service: Restaurant Cooperativo (29. June 2017)

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Patience is the key to happiness! At least in this place! So, the goal was to have a quick lunch – and we failed miserably! After the waiter noticed we were there and we were seated, it took 10 minutes until we received the menu. Uncritical if he would have managed to take up the order quickly – but he failed. So, after I’ve basically gotten up to tell him we’re ready to order, we were finally able to place the order. So far so good, well, actually not, but you know, whatever.

The waiting begun – but not yet. The “menu salads” were served quite swiftly and they were also quite good in terms of quality and variety in ingredients.

Now, the waiting begun. The group has had ordered things from the daily menu. So you would expect that it wouldn’t take that long. Guess again – it took damn long up to the point where I walked into the restaurant (we were sitting outside) going up to the kitchen and basically telling them that we need to leave in 10 minutes (as we had an appointment in another city). When the “pizza con salame piccante e carciofi” (CHF 19.50) finally (!!!) arrived, I had to down it within a few minutes. Now, frankly, that’s not how I like to enjoy food – and even if it is just for a quick lunch. At least the pizza was decent.

At least they charge ‘average Zurich prices’ for the beverages, i.e. CHF 9.50 for 1l of San Pellegrino. Still, I can absolutely not recommend this place. I mean, the dishes are decent but the service is truly horrible! A definite no go!


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Restaurant Cooperativo

St. Jakobstrasse 6

8004 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 44 241 44 75

E-Mail: team@cooperativo.ch

Homepage: http://www.cooperativo.ch

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