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Touristic place with a funny waiter: Restaurant Imar (30. June 2017)

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Porto is built on both sides of the Duoro river and while the old town is on one side all the port producers are on the other side of the river. Secondly, there are a lot of restaurants for tourists – and well, I ended up in one of them as it didnt’t look too touristic. I ordered “Calamares” (EUR 4.00) which were incredibly dry – and only after I had ordered and applied some lemons, they became eatable.

Secondly, I went for the “sardines roasted on live coal with potatoes boiled and sweet pepper” (EUR 7.00) and while you can’t complain about the portion you get for only EUR 7.00, the dish wasn’t quite what I had hoped for, especially given that the sardines were quite black and tasted accordingly.

What I was completely surprised by was the fact that it got quite cold outside in the evening and you would have to ask for covers for it to be comfortable there. Secondly, the personalities of the waiters varied largely. One of them was super quiet and did his job, the other one was quite a jovial person. The table next to us had asked the jovial waiter to bring something to cool the wine bottle – and he kind of forgot about it. Only when he saw that the quiet one had brought something, he then went up to the table, took the cooler the quiet waiter had put the bottle in and replaced it with ‘his cooler’. Hilarious really! In terms of price, Porto is super decent. A whole bottle of ‘Vinho Verde’ “Muralhas” (0,75l) only accounts for EUR 11.50 and a whole bottle of water (0,75l) for EUR 2.85.

So, despite the ‘quality’ of the dishes, one cannot really complain about the offer – after all it is rather cheap. So, to sum it up – it is not a place for an outstanding foodie experience but the food is quite decent for the price – and it is superb for drinks (especially considering the price).


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Restaurant Imar

Av. de Diogo Leite 56

4400-111 Vila Nova de Gaia (PT)

Tel.: +351 22 379 2705

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