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Lovely speakeasy bar: Le Lion • Bar de Paris (5. July 2017)

| November 11, 2017 | 0 Comments

Over the past two years, I became a big fan of speak easy bars as they often invest more time and dedication into the drinks they serve. The Le Lion is somehow clearly noticeable from the outside but it isn’t obvious it’s a public bar. Once you’ve passed the bouncer (okay, let’s say ‘the guy which is there’), you can either be lucky and get a table right away or you’ll end up standing around for a bit (as we did). But they are attentive and friendly and bring you the menu within no time. I went for a “Santa Maria (white rum, sugar, lime, eau de vie de cerises)” (EUR 14.00) and I must say that I absolutely did not like the drink! It was one of these ‘oh god, no thanks’-things. So after a couple of sips, I gave it back and ordered something else.

The “Gin Gin Mule” (EUR 14.00) on the other hand – of which I forgot to take a picture – was quite decent is absolutely worth trying. If you feel a bit hungry after the drinks, I can recommend you to enjoy an “Etagère with 12 Canapés” (EUR 18.00) which is cheap compared to the drinks. And the canapés are actually quite tasty (beef tartare, salmon, etc.).

I like the entrance a lot – there is this little statue of a lion. Which explains the name obviously and you have to ring the bell hoping someone will open the door for you.

All in all, the Le Lion really just added to the quality of Hamburg as these are the things making a city ‘above average’. Definitely a ‘can recommend’ here!


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Le Lion • Bar de Paris

Rathausstraße 3

20095 Hamburg (DE)

Tel.: +49 40 334 75 37 80

E-Mail: bar@lelion.net

Homepage: http://www.lelion.net

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