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Bringing the people to the food and not the other way round: Dinner im Grünen (27. August 2017)

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I have attended a few ‘Secret Dinners’ so far and while the location wasn’t ‘secret’ this time, it was set up by the same organizer. And frankly, it was a different but pleasurable experience. The idea was to bring the people to the dishes and not the dishes to the people, therefore, it took place in a barn. And the dinner started with “pita bread prepared on the fire, salted butter from the Alps and Salsiz” (salsiz is a special type of Swiss sausage).

As a starter, we got served “smoked trout with shallot vinaigrette, oxalis, herb salat” which was surprisingly refreshing.

The main course – while looking quite simple – was actually great. The “beef, vegetables from the barn, polenta, lemon parsley” did not only look interesting but the meat was tender and aromatic, the carrots were somehow prepared in vinegar which made them interesting but one couldn’t eat too much of them. What was – besides the taste – great was the fact that you would get supplement.

As a dessert they served “filled peach, prepared on the fire, vanilla, fleur de sel, and milk ice cream”. While at first I was a bit skeptical on the combination and the respective taste, it was surprisingly great. And the idea to do the ‘wine pairing’ with a glass of milk was somehow perfectly fitting.

While I personally do love “watermelon” which was served kind of as a second dessert, I did not really understand how this fits into the concept of “bringing the people to the food” as I am pretty sure that there are no watermelons growing on the barn.

Besides the dishes, the place itself was nice as you were seated on a meadow in front of the barn – in the middle of grasses and cows. Something – as a city person – you don’t experience too often these days making it quite lovely.

Especially when it wasn’t dark but the sun was about to go down, the atmosphere was really just perfect as should be.

Overall, I must say, once more, “Secret Dinner” made it perfectly possible to serve something great in an even greater location – therefore, absolutely looking forward to the next occasion.


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