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Amazing home-made Italian pasta: Ristorante All’ Olivella Wine ‘n’ Dine (10. September 2017)

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The All’Olivella is ranked as one of the best restaurants in Palermo and when we got there, at first, I was thinking “what the hell” as it does not look like one of the best restaurants in Palermo. And while my sample is obviously very small, given I’ve only been there for approximately 36 hours, the All’Olivella is definitely a great place to visit. In the beginning, you have to be a bit patient until someone shows up, brings the menu, takes up the order for the drinks and you get your drinks and bread served. But, the waiting is absolutely fine once you get the dishes.

As a starter, I went for the “Insalata Caprese” (EUR 6.00). The mozzarella was good, no question, but what I really loved were the tomatoes as they were incredibly aromatic and flavorful. And in combination with some oil and vinegar, salt and pepper, it made for a perfect starter.

Sometimes, it is just best to check what the other tables are having – and hte “busiate al salmone siculiano (salmone, pomodorini, cipolla, panna, pistacchio)” (EUR 14.00) was one of these cases were you would see that almost everyone around you was eating that. So, it was time to try it. And I must say I absolutely loved it. Again, the pasta was cooked perfectly al dente and in combination with the salmon, it really made for one of these comfort food dishes.

If you are seated outside – and you will be, as there is no inside – you are basically facing a church which makes it quite lovely. The tables are simple and so are the chairs. The service is again friendly, jovial but not really attentive. Somehow, speed and attention are not really the Italian things. If you are into real Italian food, I can highly recommend you to eat at the All’Olivella. Again, booking a table in advance might proof super helpful.


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Ristorante All’ Olivella Wine ‘n’ Dine

Piazza Olivella 9

90133 Palermo (IT)

Tel.: +39 (09) 17 85 24 87

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