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Sound lunch offering but lacking spices: Restaurant Il Gentile (27. September 2017)

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The “celery leek cream soup” which was part of the lunch menu is overall quite decent but lacks spices. There is basically no salt and/or pepper in the soup making it rather dull. The flavours of the ingredients don’t really compensate for the lack of salt.

While the “pork cordon bleu stuffed with ham, chorizo, spinach, and cheese (250gr)” (CHF 26.00) looks rather tiny it is not only quite a decent portion in terms of size but also in terms of taste. The stuffing with the chorizo, spinach and ham really makes it quite distinct in terms of flavour combination.

The “croquettes” on the other hand are again rather dull. Therefore, the main course was quite good but neither the starter nor the sidedish persuaded me. The service was friendly and swift this day and made sure we would be done with our lunch within 40 minutes. And let’s be honest, in terms of price, there is nothing to complain given the overall quality of the dishes.

All in all, the Restaurant Café Gentile remains a decent selection of a quick lunch break as the dishes are decent in terms of quality, the service is friendly, and the whole experience happens rather swift for lunch. Despite the relatively down-to-earth atmosphere (or maybe because of) you have to book a table in advance as else you won’t have a chance to get a table. Beverages are okay in terms of prices too, a “double espresso” accounts for CHF 5.80, “0,25l, San Pellegrino” for CHF 4.70.


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Restaurant Café Gentile

Vadianstrasse 14

9000 St. Gallen (CH)

Tel.: +41 71 226 90 90

Fax: +41 71 226 90 91

E-Mail: welcome@gentile.sg

Homepage: http://www.gentile.sg

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