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Rather regular Portuguese food with below-average service: Restaurant Vasco da Gama (30. September 2017)

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In the 20+ times I’ve been to Hamburg, I have passed by the Vasco da Gama a couple of times but somehow never ended up in there. Finally, it was time to give it a try. As I was starving, I decided to get some “Aioli” (EUR 2.00) with bread and it was a good decision to get a basis for the upcoming wedding.

The “piementos del patron” (EUR 8.50) were reasonably spicy and overall quite delicious – and more than expected.

The “fried anchovies” (EUR 11.00) seemed a bit expensive at first but actually turned out to be quite a portion and went perfectly with the aioli they served with it. However, if I wouldn’t have had the additional aioli, it wouldn’t have been enough for the anchovies.

As a main, I went for the “baked boneless duck, served in port and honey sauce” (EUR 18.80). The vegetables were tasty, the potatoes not really prepared according to my taste as they weren’t crispy enough but the duck was tasty in terms of the quality of the meat and the fact that all bones had been removed before being served definitely helped to enjoy it. However, it wasn’t the best dish I’ve enjoyed here. The starters are definitely better.

The place is rather small and the tables aren’t really made for a lot of food at once as they are tiny. Additionally to that, the door of the restaurant was open during the whole time which made it rather cold inside. While the food is decent, the service is really not up to the task. While there were not really any other guests but one other table occupied, the waiters are among the most inattentive people I’ve seen in restaurants – you’re waiting, waving, and then they’re forgetting parts of your order. At least the prices are decent (e.g. 0,75l, San Pellegrino, EUR 6.30; double espresso, EUR 3.30) and the food is fine. Still, not a place I’ll go so soon again.


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Restaurant Vasco da Gama

Lange Reihe 67

20099 Hamburg (DE)

Tel.: +49 40 280 33 05

Homepage: http://www.vasco-da-gama-hamburg.de

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