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Amazing Italian food experience in Prague: Restaurant Aromi (6. October 2017)

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If you want to dine at Aromi, make sure to book your table in advance as the place is packed on a Friday evening. Once you’re seated in the spacious and appealing dining room – very modern, very luscious, and quite noisy (I asked the waiter to turn down the music so one would actually be able to talk together), you are served “bread and nuts”. Admittedly, quite an interesting choice but also surprisingly good – the olive oil offered is tasty and the coated nuts (not sure with what though) were quite delicious too.

Before your actual meal starts, a small “amuse bouche” is served – today “octopus with bulgur and tomato jelly”. The combination was quite great and a great opener for your palate.

As a special they had fresh porcini on their menu and offered a “risotto porcini” (275 CZK) which I gladly went for. The risotto was perfectly cooked al dente – the best risotto I would have throughout the upcoming days. And in combination with the fresh porcini, it really made for a great meal!

Besides the ‘regular main dishes’ you are free to chose from a fish and meat selection and I went for the “US flap steak, 300gr” (585 CZK) which was not only prepared perfectly medium-rare as requested but was also incredibly rich in terms of meat flavour. The spicy pepper sauce they served with it was completely unnecessary and definitely not adding to the taste experience. But the meat alone was mouth-watering.

And surprisingly, the “salad” which came with it was as great. I mean, I’m not easily impressed by salad but the combination of salad leaves, herbs, and especially the salad dressing made for an amazing combination.

Last but not least, a bunch of “friandises” were served. One I was not able to define, and white chocolate. In terms of prices, it is overall quite fair and considering that a bottle of “Nebbiolo Langhe, Ferdinando Principiano” accounts for 990 CZK, a total of ~5’800 CZK for four people is rather reasonable.

The 0,15l “Barolo, Cascina Fontana, 2012” for 390 CZK on the other hand are a comparatively steep though. The 0,75l San Pellegrino for 95 CZK are reasonable again. Overall, the place is lovely, the service is generally doing well – not the most outstanding I’ve ever had but they do their job properly and you feel like you’re attend and taken care of. Language is partially an issue but we got along even with sometimes not perfectly fluent English of the waiters. In any case, I can recommend you the ‘Aromi’ – just make sure to book a table in advance.


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Restaurant Aromi

Náměstí Míru 1234/6

120 00 Praha 2-Vinohrady-Praha 2 (CZ)

Tel.: +420 222 713 222

E-Mail: info@aromi.cz

Homepage: http://www.aromi.cz

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