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Messy, smokey place – worth experiencing: Restaurant La Cocina de Pedro (15. October 2017)

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I guess we were rather lucky to still score a table around lunchtime as the place is completely booked out most of the times. We ended up waiting 30 seconds before a table become available – on the top floor which, I figured after 2 days of parillas in Montevideo, isn’t the perfect location as you are smelling like a meat oven after having stayed at any of these places. However, before we were actually able to order our food, luckily some beer was brought and the “Bizarra Blond” (200 UYU) was not only tasty but also a bit special in terms of their label.

The Belgian beer “Volcanica Blonde” (210 UYU) was not so much to my gusto but that was easily to be swallowed with some “Agua, 0,5l” (80 UYU). Given we had walked quite a bit since breakfast (and despite the fact that it was only 5 hours later), two of us decided to go for the “Brasero para 2 personas (Chorizo, Morcilla, Chinchulin, Riñón, Vacio, Asado, Pollo, Cerdo, acompañado con porción de Papas Fritas y Vegetales asados)” (1’350 UYU) and let me tell you, it is a lot of meat! Sadly though, most of it wasn’t entirely to my gusto as it was either too chewy, too fatty, or somehow stringy. Only one piece was what I loved – it was juicy, medium-rare, aromatic. Perfect!

The “vegetales” on the other hand, which were served with the meal were tasty. I liked that they had a nice variety like pumpkin and sweet potatoes besides the regular onions and potaotes.

The “Papas Fritas” on the other hand – well, again, if you are in a parilla, stick to the meat and leave the rest. It is really my take away after a couple of those. They are good at many things but they are not good at all things!

The “olives & cheese” which were standing on the table are different in terms of taste. The olives are actually quite delicious while the cheese was quite chewy but not in an unpleasant way.

The “bread & spread” looked delicious but I must admit that it didn’t really call my attention as I wasn’t that hungry in the end to also try the bread (cover charge, 80 UYU).

When you enter the place, you can see the “parilla” where all the meat is prepared which is an interesting view.

Again, if you are on the upper floor you will smell like a parilla yourself after leaving the place. Given I’ll be traveling for four weeks in a row with only two suitcases I decided to wear the same sweater (which was mostly wrapped around my shoulders) for three days in a row and at the very end after all these parillas, it really smelled like a parilla itself.

The service is not entirely up to its task – admittedly, the place is crammed, there is not much free space, and the waiters have to keep getting up the stairs to bring food but they are not really that attentive and at some point our waitress disappeared for like 10 minutes which is rather annoying if you are eating, thirsty, out of beer and once you’ve ordered, they forget your order! Still, the La Cocina de Pedro is a place I can generally recommend in terms of experience and assuming you order the ‘right’ meat, it will be delicious.


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Restaurant La Cocina de Pedro

Av. Gonzalo Ramírez 1483

11200 Montevideo (UY)

Tel.: +598 24 13 74 53

Homepage: http://lacocinadepedro.com.uy

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