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And just another parrilla: Restaurant La Otra Parrilla (15. October 2017)

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And in the evening it was time for another piece of meat. I went for the “Ojo de Bife Ancho” (540 UYU) which was decent in terms of taste and flavour but not entirely to my liking in terms of texture. The fatty and stringy part was too much but at least it was full of flavour.

What was a bit weird, yet interesting was the “glazed sweet potato” (185 UYU). The fact that the sweet potato which is already quite sweet was covered by a layer of caramel was rather surprising to me. I mean, okay, admittedly, it was clear if you read the menu properly and thought about what “glazed” means but I didn’t so the layer of sugar on top of the sweet potato was a bit of a surprise. Not an unpleasant one but definitely a surprise.

The place itself is nothing special really – functional, small tables and chairs so you wouldn’t have much space really but enough so your plates would fit onto the table and you could enjoy your meal.

The service does its job – not outstandingly or anything but functional, i.e. it works. The prices are okay which is also true for the beverages, i.e. 80 UYU for a mineral water or 790 UYU for a bottle of “Pisano Tannat RPF, Bodega Narbona, Carmelo-Colonia”. What I personally consider a rip-off is the cover charge of 85 UYU (90 according to the menu) for a bit of bread and the two little dip things you see above. Overall, La Otra Parilla is just that for me – another parilla.


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Restaurant La Otra Parrilla

Tomás Diago 758

11300 Montevideo (UY)

+598 27 11 30 06

Homepage: http://www.laotraparrilla.com

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