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Where the meat can be cut with a spoon: Restaurant La Brigada (17. October 2017)

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While the Don Julio is the place where all the international people go, the La Brigada is where the locals go. The place is split in two areas: One which is a bit simpler in terms of interior design and one which is a bit fancier. I suppose you only get to the fancy part if you have a booking beforehand.

Once the waiters are ready for you (not the other way round it seems / felt) and take up your order, you will have to be a bit patient until your starter arrives. I went again for an “Empanada de Carne (Argentine beef turnovers)” (45 ARS) and an “Empanada de Humita (corn cream turnovers)” (45 ARS). While they cost a third less than in the Don Julio the previous night, they were comparably good.

Given I’ve never tried a “Chorizo de Jabato (young wild boar sausage)” (55 ARS), I had to have yet another starter (although I had intended to eat a bit less this evening). It wasn’t a highlight in terms of taste but definitely an interesting mix of flavours.

As a main course, I went for the “Lomo (Sirloin steak)” (395 ARS) which was incredibly tender …

… so tender you could even cut the meat with a spoon (!!). However, in this case I consider the lomo I had the previous night at Don Julio better. Not because of the meat quality – that is absolutely comparable but the meat was lacking the grill notes. It was almost a bit too stale for my personal gusto – perfect in consistency but not able to compete in flavour.

The “papas fritas” (75 ARS) which I had ordered as a side dish were a disappointment. They were definitely fried potatoes, yes, but they were all stroppy and had absolutely no salt. Now, this might be the way one eats French fries in Argentina but for me they were just not good.

The place itself is truly lovely though – there is a million different pictures and newspaper snippets at the walls – mostly soccer-related. The cover charge of 30 ARS is not really worth it for the little piece of bread you get but the interior itself is worth to be paid for.

Even better is the ceiling – there are a lot of soccer shirts framed, many of them with signatures. I’m curious what kind of wealth is there at the top of the restaurant.

The service is generally friendly but not at the highest level of performance – it sometimes felt a bit like they are aware that they are a great restaurant and acted accordingly snobbish. But they make a good job – no question. The “Norton Merlot Roble, 0,75l” (400 ARS) is a decent wine for a decent price if you don’t feel like going too expensive. All in all, the La Brigada is – to me – the little brother of Don Julio. Everything is tasty, is approximately 1/3 cheaper than Don Julio. However, to my personal gusto, the way the meat was prepared wasn’t as good as in the Don Julio. Just make sure to book a table in advance as it sure looked like you won’t be able to score a table on short notice.


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Restaurant La Brigada

Estados Unidos 465

C1101AAJ Buenos Aires (AR)

Tel.: +54 11 43 61 46 85

E-Mail: info@labrigada.com

Homepage: http://www.parrillalabrigada.com.ar

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