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The place where only locals dine – tourists not to be seen: Restaurant La Criollita (19. October 2017)

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The second place which was recommended, serving local food and not hosting many tourists was “La Criollita”. And it is a local place. I guess we were the only tourists in there. And it looks more like a truly traditional place where the family is cooking and at some point in time it accidentally turned into a restaurant. However, I went for the three empanadas they had on their menu as a starter: “empanada queso” (18 ARS), an “empanada pollo” (18 ARS) and an “empanada carne” (18 ARS). I had ordered the empanada carne spicy (con picante) but got the regular one instead which was a bit of a disappointment. However, the empanadas were good – and the best one was the “empanada queso”. I wasn’t aware that dough stuffed with cheese would be so tasty!

As a main course I went for a “Milanesa completa” (230 ARS) which was basically breaded meat with some cheese and a slice of tomato on top, garnished with a loooooot of oregano. While the dish itself was simple, it was actually surprisingly tasty.

The “arroz” which I had ordered as a side dish tasted like absolutely nothing. It lacked salt, sauce, anything. I tried to mix it up with some spicy sauce which was on the tables as well as some salt – but it really was soooo lacking everything, it wasn’t really enjoyable.

The place is, as stated above, absolutely simple – there is the boss which seems to be the head of the family standing behind the counter (eating his own empanada) and his wife and daughters make sure the thing runs.

Our waitress was friendly and did a fair job – however, attention really doesn’t seem to be a thing in Argentina. We had to wait and basically wave at her. But at least she always did her best.

What is quite interesting is the fact that you pass the kitchen when going to the toilet and I was able to briefly sneak into the kitchen taking this picture. It is a bunch of pots on a stove and I suppose everything is in these pots for hours and hours and whenever a customer wants some of it, another junk of this lands on a plate.

We wanted to enjoy a home-made lemonade and ordered the “Marinaro Limonada” (100 ARS) which turned out to be a super artificial lemonade. So not something I’d recommend. And neither the wine we’ve had – a “Finca, 3/4 Malbec” (240 ARS). However, the food is true, hearty, honest, and generally tasty for a very fair price and you won’t find any tourists here!


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Restaurant La Criollita

Zuviría 306

4400 Salta (AR)

Tel.: +54 387 431 73 42

E-Mail: criollitaempanadas@hotmail.com

Homepage: http://www.empanadaslacriollita.com

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