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As simple as the food as tasty it is: Restaurant El Charrúa (19. October 2017)

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After my ‘discovery’ at lunch, I had to go for an “empanada de queso” (15 ARS) again and I must say, it is one of these damn tasty things I can easily imagine to eat quite a couple more of those things.

As a main course, I went for the “medallón de lomo (filete)” (300 ARS) which was juicy, perfectly medium-rare as requested and quite a good portion too.

The “ensalada de lechuga, tomate y cebolla” (70 ARS) which I had ordered as a side dish is rather simple but was the perfect balance to the meat – some greens don’t hurt anybody.

The “servicio de mesa” (15 ARS) aka “cover charge” included some bread and bread sticks as well as roasted and seasoned slices of bread and was, therefore, absolutely worth taking.

The place itself is rather large and quite well-booked but definitely more touristic than the ones we’ve been to so far in Salta. What is – again – very interesting is the fact that you get to look into the kitchen when you are on your way to the toilet. And again I was sneaking a picture there – it looks full and super busy. But they do a good job. And it definitely looks more organized than the “La Criollita” I had lunch at.

Our waiter was friendly and definitely tried his best to do his job properly. Sometimes though, you should just listen to the customer. While I had asked for the bill, he kept coming asking if we wanted coffee or sweets or anything else. And no, simply not. I mean, why would I ask for the bill if I was still hungry? Right: I wouldn’t! Else, you have to be patient for your first course to arrive. So, if you are both fine with not the most attentive service and waiting in the beginning, the El Charrúa is a fine place for a decent dinner for a fair price. The “Domingo Reserva Tannat” (240 ARS) was a fair wine for a very fair price. So, if you are into simple, good cuisine, you should visit this place.


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Restaurant El Charrúa

Caseros 221

A4400DME Salta (AR)

Tel.: +54 387 432 18 59

E-Mail: elcharruapar@hotmail.com

Homepage: http://www.parrillaelcharrua.com.ar

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