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The most refined food experience in Argentina: Restaurant 1884 by Francis Mallmann (20. October 2017)

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I had booked the Restaurant 1884 a couple of months before actually going here – and it has turned out as a great idea to pay a visit to 1884 by Francis Mallmann. And that for various reasons – not only because the food is the most refined I’ve tried in Argentina so far but also because the place is absolutely gorgeous and the service is impeccable.

Once you’re seated and have ordered your food, you get some “eggplant cream with tomatoes” with …

… a selection of different breads which are truly delicious. And the ‘eggplant cream with tomatoes’ was – despite incredibly simple – truly delicious. The consistency was perfect and even the tomatoes – and I’m not a big fan of cooked tomatoes – were mouth-watering.

The starter I had chosen was one of the highlights I’ve tried so far in Argentina – the “ensalada de calabazas al rescoldo con kale, cebollas moradas, queso de cabra y almendras” (355 ARS). The grilled pumpkin in combination with the kale, the onions, the goat cheese and the almonds was a firework of flavours and textures! Truly outstanding and so refined and surprising like I didn’t expect it from the Argentinean cuisine I had experienced so far.

The”lomo envuelto en panceta con papas cubo, kale quemado y reducción de malbec” (728 ARS) was very good too – the meat was tender and juicy, the bacon which was wrapped around it on the other hand lacked a bit of crispiness for my personal gusto. The grilled kale – yes, grilled (!) – was flavourful and went perfectly with the meat and the Malbec sauce. The meat, however, lacked a bit of grill flavour. Meat-wise, so far, the Don Julio in Buenos Aires still beats everything. In terms of refined food, the 1884 by Francis Mallmann definitely tops it though.

The “Helados Caseros (Bailey’s)” (192 ARS) were not exactly what we had expected as we wanted one scoop but got three instead. Well meant, and we finished it as it was flavour-wise nice. Not too Bailey’s like but still tasty.

What I liked a lot about this place – for once, and that’s something I haven’t experienced in 10 days in Uruguay and Argentina yet, the service was impeccable. Our waiter was attentive, friendly, helpful, always there to top up the wine (Enrique Foster Malbec, 2010; 1’380 ARS) or the water (Servicio de Agua; 90 ARS). A true professional. The only little flaw there was – they forgot to bring my “double espresso” (48 ARS).

It is quite tricky to find the entrance to the restaurants as it is not located anywhere centrally. Secondly, you basically have to pass a security guard who makes you wait quite a bit, checking if you’ve booked in advance. And make sure to book in advance as else you won’t stand a chance to get a table.

There is nothing to sit down outside and there was quite a queue when we had arrived. But at least you get to admire the beautiful building you’re in …

… and when you’re finally admitted to the restaurant, you can enter it’s holy halls (okay, exaggerating a bit here :-) ).

Where a lovely bar welcomes you …

… and when you’re finally seated, you get the menu which is rather thin. There is no tasting menu, not a big selection – but as stated above, that’s not necessary as the food is truly great!

If you bring something warm (which I, stupidly enough, didn’t), you can enjoy your dinner outside in a rather beautiful garden right next to the kitchen. Yes, the kitchen is in the garden, open air …

… and you can watch the chefs preparing your food live …

… as well as how they prepare the meat on the parrilla …

… and cut all the relevant ingredients right there.

But it is not only nice because you get to watch the kitchen crew preparing your food but also because the garden itself is lovely and is kind of lit up with tiny bonfires. So, make sure to book in advance a table in the garden and, more specifically, next to the parrilla / kitchen. The best view, the best place.

But even if you’re inside, you can watch the other part of the kitchen through a window and sometimes – as we did – experience how the head chef gets loud when something apparently doesn’t work out as it was supposed to be. Quite funny really! And interesting to watch.

Overall, the Restaurant 1884 by Francis Mallmann was my number one experience in Argentina up to this point. Perfect location, (almost) impeccable service, great food and definitely the most refined food I’ve tried so far in Argentina, and last but not least, for a very decent price (especially if you’re from Europe). If you come to Mendoza – and that is something you should only do for the wines in the area and not for the city itself – then you definitely have to pay the Restaurant 1884 by Francis Mallmann a visit.


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Restaurant 1884 by Francis Mallmann

Belgrano 1188

5501 Godoy Cruz, Mendoza (AR)

Tel.: +54 261 424 33 36

E-Mail: 1884reservas@francismallmann.com.ar

Homepage: https://1884restaurante.com.ar

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