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RBF decoration with average breakfast: Restaurant Mirador @ Sheraton Mendoza (21. October 2017)

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The breakfast selection at the Restaurant Mirador on the 17th floor of the Sheraton Mendoza is decent but definitely nothing extraordinary. You get toasted bread …

… a variety of juices, among them quite interesting ones with carrots, parsley, or celery as well as a variety of cereals.

The selection of sweet pastry is super decent but the selection of bread (if you want regular, non-sweetened bread) is super limited. Basically it is just one type – unless you want white toast – which is more like a sourdough kind of bun than regular bread. But it does the trick.

The selection of cheeses and cold cuts is decent but should be stored maybe a bit better on the side where not all the heat is hitting it as the cheese was definitely sweating way too much for my personal gusto!

The fruits and vegetables selection is absolutely okay – you get a bit of everything but – as you can see, it isn’t frequently restocked.

The rooms are in that sense lovely as they have super high ceilings and the “resting bitch face decoration” (RBF) kinda adds to the whole thing. Not sure how, but it does.

There is not really any service available – or, to be more precise, there is ‘random service’ available. Sometimes, someone is there, asking for your room number and offering coffee. Sometimes, there is noone. All in all, if you stay at the Sheraton Mendoza, have breakfast there, if not, no need to bother.


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Restaurant Mirador @ Sheraton Mendoza

Primitivo de la Reta 989

5500 Mendoza (AR)

Tel.: +54 261 441 55 00

Fax: +54 261 441 55 10

E-Mail: reservas.mendoza@sheraton-mendoza.com

Homepage: http://www.sheraton-mendoza.com

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