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So many waiters, empty restaurant – and still bad service: Restaurant Zampa (21. October 2017)

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At first, the Restaurant Zampa looked incredibly promising – shabby from the outside. Only one door to enter which is closed and you have to know so they’ll let you in. Somehow intriguing, somehow interesting. The place was almost empty when we had arrived and shortly after being seated, some “pizza dough with a mayonnaise based on milk and olive oil” was served as a little amuse bouche. Well, it was some pizza dough with mayo – nothing special.

I had ordered the “figacita de trucha a la plancha y mayo de oliva (trout sliders with alioli)” (125 ARS) which took an incredible 25 minutes to be produced. I get it, your place is empty. There is four chefs, four waiters / waitresses and it takes you 25 minutes to produce those. I mean, they were great, don’t get me wrong, but 25 minutes?

And even worse, the “riñoncito de cordero a la plancha, ajo y perejil (lamb kidney in the grill whit garlic & parsley)” (145 ARS) took another 20 minutes. Again, they were great, truly, nothing to complain here. And definitely way better than I ever had lamb kidneys expected to be but 20 minutes?

And it didn’t stop there. One of us had a pancake with dulce de leche. And after my kidneys were served, it took them – no joke – 30 minutes to produce the pancake. Okay, to be fair, two more people had ‘stormed’ the restaurant. But hello? I mean, for three dishes we had a net waiting time of 1:15 hours?

The truly amazing thing was the number of people who could potentially attend you and the number of people who actually did. The average time which passed between the moments I was seeing the waitress attending us ranked around 10 – 15 minutes. And we’re not talking about a two story place but one where you could actually see right into the kitchen.

So, while the whole concept is promising and the food is actually quite tasty – and definitely better than expected – the service is just absolutely, completely, and entirely not up to the task! A big fat zero points here!

And it was that bad that even their friendliness wasn’t able to compensate. So, while I can recommend you the Zampa in terms of dishes, I can’t recommend it to you if you are hungry, thirsty, or just not the super extremely patient type.


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Restaurant Zampa

Av. Bartolomé Mitre 800

M5500BXB Mendoza (AR)

Tel.: +54 261 423 88 23

E-Mail: info@zampacocina.com.ar

Homepage: http://www.zampacocina.com.ar

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