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Right at the border to Chile – there’s nothing, but: Restaurant Portal de Las Cuevas (22. October 2017)

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When you have been driving almost 200 kilometers from Mendoza through the Andes to the last town towards the border to Chile, you end up in Las Cuevas. When we’re speaking about a town here, we’re exaggerating a bit. There is a couple of houses, mostly restaurants, and a church. Japp, that’s it. Nothing else to see here. And there was just one restaurant open – the Portal de las Cuevas, so time to give this one a try. They basically offer one menu where you get to pick your starter from a salad buffet and then your main from a ‘main buffet’ – all for 220 ARS.

The salad buffet turned out to be quite decent and I was surprisingly satisfied with the quality of my salad.

The main course buffet doesn’t look to appealing to be honest but I decided to go for the …

… “milanesa con locro”. The meat was quite okay – nothing super high quality but you would get a decent piece of meat, a bit too well done for my taste but fine and the locro was good too – if it wasn’t for the pieces of bone (not meat, just bone) which were in there. Still, for the price you get some food between your jaws and that is what you came here for, right?

The ‘fruit salad’ is really just canned fruits so one of the least spectacular things I’ve had in a long while and reminded me of my army experience. Well, I’m glad that’s over.

The place itself is super simple, the windows are often broken, the toilet is barely functional but you’re covered from the cold winds, get some food, so it works.

The waiter was friendly, jovial, and helpful. Not that he had to do much but to get the empty plates from the table and bring the “water” (40 ARS). But he did that and he was friendly. So, if you end up in Las Cuevas for whatever reason, the Portal de las Cuevas is fine. But just that really, nothing more.


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Restaurant Portal de Las Cuevas

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Las Cuevas (AR)

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