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28. October 2010: Ristorante Enoteca La Curia

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The Ristorante La Curia is located in the city centre of Acqui Terme. In its vicinity is the L’Aleph Bar where you can get good and pretty cheap coffee. The Enoteca La Curia is two-folded. There is a restaurant where you can sit down and eat properly and there is the actual enoteca where they sell the wine and have the aperitivo concept.

The entrance is not too appealing but the picture changes immediately once you’ve entered the place. The walls are full of wine from all over Italy and believe me you would want to buy at least half the store if you’d have the financial background. Also, the atmosphere is great as the interior design is entirely held in stone and decorated with the wooden shelves where the wines are placed.

At the far end of the room there is a bar located which is full with tablets which are filled with all kinds of different freshly made fingerfood.

It has a wide selection of different cheeses (e.g. the local specialty Robbiola), freshly made pizza, different kinds of salad, meat, etc. The selection is pretty wide and the food is extremely tasteful.

In order to be “allowed” to help yourself at the bar, you’re obliged to buy a drink which is – most recommended – a good glass of wine. You can basically take any bottle of wine from the shelf and ask the bar tender to open it for you and you’ll only pay by the glass (though, you won’t be allowed to open a Sassicaia or the like) but bottles up to a price of 40 EUR per bottle can be opened and drunk by the glass.

The bar tender is not too talkative (which might also because we were not really speaking much in Italian) but very friendly and you get served with everything you need within a few seconds (regularly). You can’t make a reservation for the enoteca but be aware that the place can get quite crowded over lunch, in the evening and especially during the weekends.
It’s also pretty recommendable to buy some wine in the Enoteca La Curia as for one side you usually get a bit of discount to the regular shelf prices when you’ve had something there before and secondly, the selection is pretty wide and awesome.

All in all, the Enoteca La Curia is a great place to go and have aperitivo with a good glass of wine (or more). The atmosphere is great, the service is quick and friendly, the food is amazing and the price (depending on the wine you would want to be opened) varying between 4 and 12 EUR is just about great.


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Ristorante Enoteca La Curia

via alla Bollente 72

15011 Acqui Terme (IT)

Tel.: +39 (01) 44 35 60 49

E-Mail: info@enotecalacuria.com

Homepage: http://www.enotecalacuria.com

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