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Theoretically a lavish selection but practically half-empty: Restaurant Courtyard @ Sheraton Oman (5. January 2018)

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Upon entering the Restaurant Courtyard, I was a bit skeptical at first as it didn’t look like there was much food left but once I’ve walked through the buffet I figured the selection is actually quite nice. It ranges from a variety of fresh fruit to …

… cheeses …

… spreads …

… cold cuts and smoked salmon …

… more seafood …

… Arabic breakfast options plus salads …

… nuts and dried fruit …

… some kind of mueslis …

… pastry …

… and empty pans. And frankly, there were a lot of empty pans. The second day I was there 20 minutes before the buffet closed, so I get it that you would not restock everything! Okay, fair enough! However, when I’m there 1.5 hours before the buffet closes and it’s the same pictures, then that’s truly disappointing.

My favourite moment though was when the guy at the omelet station said “we don’t have ham” upon me ordering a ham and cheese omelet. Now, okay, maybe you run out of it, which I highly doubt though. Plus, frankly, you’re a hotel, you had ham yesterday, and you’re probably just to lazy to walk back to the kitchen and cut some ham. So, really? “We have no ham!”???

The service is very friendly and helpful making sure you get everything you need and the atmosphere of the place is actually quite compelling too. So, if they would manage to not only theoretically offer a lot of different dishes but also in practice, i.e. restocking if something is used to the end, then this would be a truly great breakfast restaurant.


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Restaurant Courtyard @ Sheraton Oman

Ruwi, Sultanate of Oman

112 Muscat (OM)

Tel.: +968 2237 77 77

Homepage: http://www.sheratonoman.com

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