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The place is a real turn-off, but the fish is luscious: Restaurant Fishers Grilled (6. January 2018)

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While I was waiting for the dishes to be prepared, I saw a lot of tourists walking by the place and then deciding not to eat there. And frankly, I can understand them as the place does not look appealing! However, as the place had been recommended to me by two friends independently who both are huge foodies, I decided to give it a try! I went for some fish which was displayed (there are certain language barriers, but pointing always helps) and after waiting 15-20 minutes, the fish was finally prepared. And let me tell you it was very juicy, fresh, just absolutely lovely.

The “hummus” on the other side was not as good as the fish. I have definitely tried better hummus in other restaurants – but, it did the trick.

The “Arabic bread” was decent and good enough to ‘pick up’ the hummus.

The “salad” (if you can call it that way) was more an assortment of vegetables for your entertainment to have a balance besides the fish.

All in all, the Fishers Grilled is not a place you just walk in without knowing that the food is good there. Rather the opposite, you walk away instead of walking in if you look into …

… the kitchen. When I paid and handed the guy 20 OMR bill, I got back my change in bills – and the money was dropping with oil. Lovely! .-)

Still, if you are in the fishers market area, I can very highly recommend you to pay a visit, bring either a fish you bought from the fish market or point at one in the vitrine when you are at the ‘restaurant’.

The place is not to remain there for hours and talk or to enjoy the surroundings, not even for the service (which was very friendly and helpful) but it is really good to try freshly caught and prepared fish! An experience of its own! Oh, and two main courses and two soft drinks cost a mere 8.000 OMR!


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Restaurant Fishers Grilled

Muscat (OM)

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