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One of the best food experiences in the GCC: Restaurant Dar Hamad (12. January 2018)

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I did not exactly know what to expect from Dar Hamad as I had booked it based on a recommendation. And I must say, I was absolutely positively surprised. The restaurant is probably one of the best I have been to since I have arrived in the region. As a greeting from the kitchen, “bread, dates and cheese” were served. The spicy sauce on the cheese was rather spicy, actually way more than expected. The bread was somehow really thin and folded a variety of times, so you would have to break it to eat it but it would not crumble although it seemed a bit dry. Not sure what kind of bread it was but it was slightly sweet and it was overall very delicious.

As a starter, I went for the “Kubuz E’roug (fried herb patties served with a tamarind and date molasses dip, minced beef)” (3.800 KWD) and the “halloumi (small cuts of halloumi cheese with tomatoes, thyme and black olives)” (2.750 KWD). Often halloumi is a bit chewy but today, it wasn’t at all – smooth, creamy, tasty! Just how halloumi cheese should be! Secondly, the Kubuz E’roug which was basically a vegetable patty was rich in flavour. Now, what I didn’t take into account was the portion – the food is great but it was just way too much food!

Especially, since the main course wasn’t a small portion either. Since I’ve tried the “chili hammour” in Bahrain, I actually quite like the fish. So I went for the “Hammour Khethra (a delicious mix of rice and hammour fish blended with dill, coriander and dry lime)” (6.000 KWD) which shocked me quite a bit when the portion arrived as …

… it was a huge pot of food. Luckily though, it wasn’t as deep as the first impression would lead you to believe. However, it was still quite a substantial amount so I was nowhere close to be able to finish it.

The restaurant itself is lovely – the atmosphere is just great, you feel welcome, comfortable. It is spacious at the same time so you have your privacy – and it is just overall very appealing. Which is reinforced by the professionalism of the waiters and their attention.

The place does not only look appealing from inside but already when you arrive it is lovely. Just make sure to book a table in advance as else you won’t stand a chance to actually get a table. People were queuing quite a bit when we arrived.

All in all, the Dar Hamad definitely belongs to the best restaurants I’ve tried in the region – so if you go to Kuwait, try the Dar Hamad! Definitely worth trying!


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Restaurant Dar Hamad

Arabian Gulf Street

13109 Kuwait City (KW)

Tel.: +965 22 27 55 55

Fax: +965 24 83 06 42

Homepage: http://darhamad.com

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