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Chef’s Table – a unique experience: Restaurant 55 & 5th Grill @ The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort (16. February 2018)

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The Restaurant 55 & 5th has come up with a new idea when it comes to dining – the Chef’s table. Which means that you are literally seated in the kitchen right next to the chefs and you get to watch all of it in its intensity, smell and sound. The menu this day was starting with “Eye Contact – Salmon Sashimi, caviar, fresh raspberry vinegar” which didn’t give away much in its covered version.

However, once uncovered, it looked very appealing. The combination of the thin yet fatty salmon with the acidity of the raspberry and the little crunchy effect of the raspberry when popping open was just perfect. The saltiness of the caviar on top made it a perfect combination in terms of flavors and textures.

The little greeting from the kitchen, the “Sturia Caviar” put on a piece of bread with some butter actually made it a lovely balance to the rest of the dish.

The “Warming Heart – Seared Scallop, black onion jam, soy bean, truffle emulsion” was fine in terms of ingredients and combinations, however, the scallops were a bit overcooked which was a pity.

I absolutely loved the “Hold me now – beetroot sorbet with sea salt”. The sea salt added this little extra to the beetroot sorbet. It just enabled this kind of ‘explosion’ in your mouth! Absolutely mouth-watering!

The “Wagyu beef” which was the main course of the day was grilled to perfection. The grill notes were there yet not overwhelming. The meat was tender, smooth, and yet aromatic. Really how a good piece of beef should be prepared.

The little shot after the main course to cleanse the palate helped to prepare oneself for dessert.

The dessert plate was truly luscious – although the name made me laugh: “I think of you all the time: coconut texture, cremeux, frozen, crunchy, liquid, dehydrated, poached and crispy”. The combination of different textures, temperatures and flavors really made it an amazing dish.

What I liked a lot was the setting by the kitchen. You were really there, live, in the heat of it all. Which also came with the downside of the ‘smell of it all’. You are seated really next to the grill which makes it quite intense in terms of heat and smell.

The service is incredibly caring and attentive making sure you have the best of all experiences. Talking about the extra mile, they go the extra extra mile!

The experience at the Restaurant 55 & 5th was outstanding – if you have the chance to dine at the Chef’s Table, do so! It is absolutely worth it! It is intense, full of heat, full of kitchen smells but it is this intensity and the quality of the food which makes it a unique experience!


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Restaurant 55 & 5th Grill @ The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort

Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Tel.: +971 24 98 84 43

E-Mail: 55and5th.Restaurant@stregis.com

Homepage: http://www.55and5thabudhabi.com

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