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A great new location but on the pricey side: Restaurant Iris (19. February 2018)

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I have heard so much about Iris as one of the new upcoming places. And frankly, I understand why. Given the availability of things in Bahrain, the Iris is a great location. After some initial back and forth in terms of what we wanted to order, the waiter took our order and marched off. The “Kings Landing (Grey Goose Citron Vodka, Sloe Gin, Fresh Basil, Fresh Mango Purée and Fresh Orange Juice)” (7.000 BHD) is quite a lovely drink – however, be careful that you don’t burn yourself.

The “Spicy Edamame (steamed green whole soybeans with chili flakes)” (3.500 BHD) is surprisingly spicy. Of course, it says ‘spicy’ but I was still surprised how spicy it was!

What was a revelation to me was the “Trio of Ceviche (sea bass with coconut ceviche; kingfish with Maui onions marmalade; Salmon classic ceviche)” (7.500 BHD). I hadn’t expected anything really but I must say that the ceviche was absolutely luscious! Something I definitely had not expected to find here.

And it continued – the “Bao Buns with Duck Confit (steamed buns, mango chutney and duck marinated in Chinese spices)” (7.500 BHD) were delicious as well. You just wanted to eat them all in one bite! Truly tickling your taste buds.

The “Chicken Masala Burgers (Indian flavored chicken fillet, yoghurt and steamed buns)” (7.500 BHD) were okay but definitely not playing in the same league as the other dishes tried so far.

The selection of other burgers like the “Falafel Burger (mini burgers with falafel and tahini sauce)” (5.500 BHD), the “Wagyu beef burgers (hand-cut wagyu beef burgers and home-made ketchup)” (9.500 BHD) and ultimately the “Kobe beef burgers (kobe beef sliders with wasabi mayo and grilled tomatoes)” (20.000 BHD) was a good one but frankly, the falafel burgers are superfluous. There is no value-add in trying them (in terms of taste). Stick to the wagyu ones as they were better than the kobe and didn’t cost a fortune. The kobe beef burgers are definitely overpriced!

The “Wagyu Beef Yakitori (Wasabi mayo)” (11.500 BHD) on the other hand was absolutely outstanding! You should definitely try this when you go to Iris!

While there is no real need to try the “gyozas” as they are okay but far from the good dishes mentioned above.

Now, the “icecream” (BHD 4.500 each) isn’t bad but with 4.500 BHD per scoop definitely a rip-off. I mean, the icecream is not even remotely as good to charge something like CHF 15.00 per scoop!

The place is quite lovely as it is open air and you get to enjoy the warm winter nights of Bahrain. The service is caring and friendly making sure you generally have a good experience.

All in all, the Iris is definitely a place you can pay a visit: Atmospheric, good group of people, great dishes, friendly service but definitely on the pricier end of things! If you don’t mind the prices, then it is definitely worth exploring!


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Restaurant Iris

3832 Road – Bldg 1078 – Block 338 – Adlyah

Manama (BH)

Tel.: +973 17 21 22 23

Homepage: http://www.irisbahrain.

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