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Lunch at No. 16 of the world: Restaurant D.O.M. (16. March 2018)

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When I booked a table, I was somehow not aware that the D.O.M. is number 16 of the world. Luckily, I managed to get a table for lunch and went to for “Tasting Menu Optimus – A travel through the Brazilian flavour” (485 BRL). It started with a “cachaça and lime bonbon”. Which was quite an alcohol bomb but through the sugar coating.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the “priprioca sorbet and olive oil with black salt” as well as the “ice cream, coconut sandwich, mango and corn”. The priprioca sorbet was absolutely delicious – especially in combination with the black salt and the olive oil. Not sure to what degree it was delicious but it was definitely surprising.

The next course was a combination of different elements – the “beef consommé and heart of palm brandade with anchovy from Cantábrico”. The consommé was rich but a bit oily. The heart of palm brandade with anchovy was aromatic and had the right degree of saltiness.

The “mango, coconut, seaweed, farofa and botarga” was surprising as it looked incredibly dry so you would not really be able to eat it, but it turned out to be rather easily edible. And it was very tasty.

The “breaded oyster with sago” was quite okay but the fish eggs somehow were overlapping the taste of the oyster.

The next course was actually amazing. The “sea bass, açaí e yam” looked tiny …

… but brought out its true taste in combination with the “açaí”. It made for a truly delicious ceviche with the acidity for the açaí.

One is definitely wondering why garlic would be served as a dish. Especially in full garlic toes. Now, the “manioc beiju (Brazilian native manioc bread), baked and caramelized garlic, curd with mantiqueira mountains olive oil and cheese bread”, was great because the garlic was so smooth and soft it would basically dissemble in your mouth. And the manioc bread in combination with the curd and olive oil was outstanding.

The next course was somewhat not up to the rest of the courses. The “Pirarucu (Amazonian fish) with açaí and ‘pimenta de cheiro’ (aromatic chili) and grilled onions” was somewhat chewy but it would have been great in combination with the spiciness of the peppers and the acidity of the açaí.

The “feijão manteiguinha (Northe astern Brazilian bean) with kale cream and cornflour” looked rather dry …

… but with the “kale cream” it looked a bit different. The feijão was a truly simple dish but it was also aromatic and rich in flavour.

The “heart of palm fettuccine with yanomami mushroom” were a surprise as I haven’t understood the ‘heart of palm’ piece and was expecting regular pasta. To be fair, I still prefer regular pasta to the heart of palm pasta but the dish was good.

The “quail with chocolate from Combu Island” was a bit difficult to eat but with the quail reduction, it made a decent dish.

I was a bit surprised about the “wild boar neck with manioc flour and jackfruit” as a dish. Boar neck is not really what I’d expect in fine dining. And the neck with the manioc flour was definitely too dry but in combination with the jackfruit which was also sufficiently sweet to make it a luscious combination.

What was the most simple of all dishes yet the most interesting, was the “aligot” which is basically a type of ‘mashed potatoes’ …

… and really a tiny course. But absolutely delicious.

The first desert, a “curd mousse, cashew and wine syrup” was of a refreshing nature.

The “chargoal grilled mango with amazonic seed (puxuri) cream” was a bit too mango-ey for me but the puxuri cream was something I truly digged.

Last but not least, the “friandises” were a lovely ending to a great lunch.

The restaurant itself is lovely in terms of interior design. The rooms have very high ceilings which makes it a truly spacious place. When it comes to privacy, the tables are relatively close to each other.

What I like about the place is the fact that it has a consistent interior design.

The entrance is a bit weird in terms of design but still appealing overall. What I was truly surprised by was the fact that the place was basically empty at 12:00 but was fully packed at 13:00.

What is always a good sign and at the same time interesting to see is the view into the kitchen. Unfortunately, the view was not very clear as the black layer is rather high up so you don’t get an unobstructed view.

The service is impeccable – attentive, friendly, helpful yet with limited language abilities which was a bit surprising to me. Yet, they made it a truly marvelous experience. The only thing which was disappointing to me was the ‘natural pineapple juice’ (10 BRL). Overall, I’m not sure if it is No. 16 of the world but it is definitely an experience worth taking. Make sure to book your table sufficiently in advance.


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Restaurant D.O.M.

R. Barão de Capanema 549

01411-011 São Paulo (BR)

Tel.: +55 (11) 30 88 07 61

Tel.: +55 (11) 30 81 45 99

E-Mail: dom@domrestaurante.com.br

Homepage: http://domrestaurante.com.br

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