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A true gem in service and great all-weather view onto the Acropolis: Restaurant Tudor Hall @ Hotel King George (30. March 2018)

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The Restaurant Tudor Hall was recommended by my absolutely favourite foodie app ‘Where Chefs Eat‘ (yes, it costs 10 – 20 EUR but it is absolutely worth it). The view onto the Acropolis is not as good as from the Grand Bretagne but still rather nice. Once you’re seated, the service takes really good care of you and serves you some “nuts and olives” while you check the menu for your order.

After that, “spreads and olives” are served …

… with a lovely bread basket just like in the Grand Bretagne. The bread sticks are absolutely delicious and definitely a must try.

I went for the “traditional ‘yiachni’ dish of stewed vegetables and bulbs with tomato sauce, lemon, thyme honey and olive oil” (EUR 17.00) which was surprisingly tasty but somehow felt like ‘a best of the rest in terms of vegetables’ than a well thought through dish. However, the variety of vegetables is quite unique for being served in a single dish and the dish is great in terms of taste.

As a main, I went for the “green vegetable risotto with goat cheese” (EUR 24.00) which was very green. Not only in terms of colour but also in terms of flavor. The goat cheese had a certain intensity but was smoothed out by the risotto. Overall, the risotto was good.

What I liked most though, was the “Ekmek” (EUR 10.00). I am not entirely sure what exactly it is they put into the dish but it was absolutely delicious. A perfect combination of different textures, temperatures and flavors! Definitely a must try if you are in Athens.

Once we were done with the dinner, it was time for the round of complimentary elements. First of all, some “candied fruit” were served …

… which were quite good but definitely too sweet for my personal gusto.

Next were “Friandises” and a glass of Mastika. Given I still had to fight my ‘gout attack’, the alcohol wasn’t for me but the friandises were good.

What I like a lot about the Tudor Hall is the interior design. You are seated outside but covered so it doesn’t matter what weather it is in order for you to enjoy the place. Secondly, I just like the interior design.

The service is absolutely exquisite and very caring. They make sure you have everything you need and attend you at all times and bring the requested within minutes.

If you get there early, which is quite untypical for Greeks, then you get to see the whole sundown transformation of the Acropolis from a first light up of the place up to …

… the full night view which is breath-taking.

If you intend to go for dinner late, make sure you book your table in advance. If you’re heading for an early dinner, no reservation is necessary. When you pay, don’t forget to bring your SPG card as you get a 10% discount.


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Restaurant Tudor Hall @ Hotel King George

Vasileos Georgiou A 3

105 64 Athens (GR)

Tel.: +30 21 03 22 22 10

Tel.: +30 21 03 33 02 65

E-Mail: info.gb@starwoodhotels.com

Homepage: http://www.tudorhall.gr

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